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Friday, May 6, 2011

You know you can do it!

Remember, the reason I ran and bought this computer, is because my other laptop was making a clunking sound.  At that time, the only information I could find, is it might be the fan motor going out.  Well, this laptop is making the same sound!  Right now, I "think" I have narrowed it down to my printer USB port or cord or something.  I still want to keep this new laptop.  Is that wrong?  My other laptop I bought in December 2007, so it is starting to get a bit older.  It's about 3 1/2 years old.  Not ancient, but I hate to think about computer problems.  So "maybe" a new printer cord, or a new printer is needed.  I wish there was a way to find out for sure before I start buying more stuff.  This gets so darn expensive.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying my new laptop.  It really doesn't seem to be that different - but I do like it!


This morning, I jumped up, and ran to Office Max and bought a new Brothers Printer.  lol joke is on me.  It did NOT come with the printer cable.  Good news is that the printer was on sale for $69 and I saved $30!  I bought the printer cable at Radio Shack for.........  you guessed it - $30!  It's all good though.   I have had the printer head go out on my printers in the past, so I am happy to have a nice fresh printer.  I took by old Brothers printer to the Salvation Army this morning.  My extra printer cartridges should also work with this new printer.  So far, so good.  No Clunking Sound.  Hopefully, problem solved.

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