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Monday, May 9, 2011

Let hope pave your way to success.

Dad is getting his stitches removed today.  The lab reports came in and everything is benign.  That is such great news.

Auntie Isabel has her monthly eye appointment this morning where she gets x-rays and another injection in her eye for her wet macular degeneration.  I think she has had over 30 injections already.  Not a fun visit, but it is keeping her with some eyesight in the one eye.  Then we are all going to meet for lunch at the Waffle House in Dublin. 

Debbie and Deaunn gave me about twenty of Auntie Dorothy's tops Saturday at our Family lunch.  Guess I will try one on and see if it fits.  She had several closets full of nice clothes, but the last couple of years she always wore the same thing.  These tops are like new.  I'm feeling a little strange about it though, so I'm going to take it slow.

Nice day.  Perfect mild weather.  Lots of fun with the family.  Can't believe that 17 days has flown by so fast.  Bill and Carol are returning from their Panama Canal cruise tomorrow morning.  We had a whole list of things written down to keep us busy while there were gone - and we never got around to one thing on that list.  Somehow, we just stayed busy all the time.  We don't do much, but we seem to enjoy what we're doing!

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