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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kokyo Sushi Buffet

Great Day!  PG&E turned off all of our electricity at 8:31am this morning.  Dad and I headed straight to the dining room table at the clubhouse.  Sure enough, everyone arrived shortly as their electricity was also being worked on.  Big Party!  Then someone mentioned how great the new Kokyo Sushi Buffet is.  So, right then, dad and I went to the Buffet.  Can't say enough great things about it.  Go!  You will have a good time. 

Ran to Castro Valley and visited Rose at her Senior Assisted Living Home.  She is looking and doing great.  The remodel and the three additional bedrooms all are looking beautiful.

Stopped at the library and filled the car with gas.  Came home.  Took a quick nap.  Electricity came back on at 4:31pm. 

Dad, Luigi and I went to Fremont to Barbara and Ed's house.  Poor Barbara's mom is on hospice.  Could pass as early as tonight.  It's just a matter of time.  Debbie and Krissy brought rigatoni from Rigatoni's.  We had a super supper.  Lots of laughs and fun.  Hope we were able to cheer Barbara up a little.  She is so terrific.

Got home at 8:30pm.  Called Auntie Isabel.  She is doing a little better.  She accidentally sprayed air freshener down her throat.  She is still coughing a good bit.  Bill and Sadie came over.  I ran down and had fun at the jacuzzi.  My new bathroom light is not working.  Have to go exchange it at Lowe's.  I am so tired, but my mind won't settle down.  What else is new.  So, I will read and get my mind off of this beautiful day.  It was so fun to be busy all day.  And everybody was happy.

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