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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Believe in your potential.  It's unlimited.

Last day of vacation.  Woke up rested.  Had another delicious breakfast.  Hopefully, today we will take a drive over to Hayden Lake.  Dad sounds good.  I've been calling him every day.  Really glad I had this opportunity to have a few days away.  I feel calm.  Tomorrow morning, we get up about 5:00am or earlier. Have a bite to eat.  Drive to Spokane.  My plane leaves at 8:45am.  Transfer in Seattle.  Arrive at Sacramento airport.  Ron will pick me up.  I'll get my car at Ceres and drive home.  It will be a busy travel day.  I might be too late, but I'd like to stop at the post office and pick up my mail.  Saturday is Family Day with the cousins at Fuddrucker's in Dublin.  Ruthie has moved back to Fremont.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One kind word.  One hug. One smile.  That's all it takes to make a difference.

So many things to enjoy.  A good night's sleep on a comfortable couch.  Good water pressure in the shower.  An adorably little 8 pound malti-poo named Shelby to hug and kiss.  Beautiful sunny weather to take long walks.  Delicious home-cooked meals.  Friendly neighbors.  Today, we will have fun looking at possibly homes for CoCo.  Do a little shopping.  Have a nice lunch out at a restaurant.  One moment at a time.  Enjoy all the small pleasures.  Count our Blessings.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Less than perfect is more than good enough!

Vacations are interesting.  I still want a little more personal freedom to come and go as I please.  Yet, it is still wonderful to have this change of pace.  I'm still longing to have my own personal freedom.  Seems I'm always trying to please someone else.  Maybe I am just selfish.  But, it seems I can never please anyone else.  I do better alone.  I just want to be happy.  Too many negative people in my environment.  I know there are positive people.  I would like to go out and explore the world, and rub elbows with them.  SMILE!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coeur D'alene, Idaho

CoCo and I are now at her mom's house in Coeur D'alene, Idaho.  We took the beautiful scenic route from Twin Falls.  Idaho is a beautiful state.  We had fun tonight.  Her brother Steve and his ex-wife, Kathy, came over to celebrate his 60th birthday and we grilled salmon.  Then we had a roaring fun game of cards.  We took walks around the neighborhood and just had a great evening.  I am overall pretty exhausted to go over everything.  Finally, was able to get back online.  It wouldn't work earlier today.  Good night.  I'm very sleepy.  Smile.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Twin Falls, Idaho

Suzette and Marisa have been taking us on the Grand Tour of Twin Falls, Idaho - and it is so Gorgeous!  Breath-Taking!  You absolutely must come and see the beauty here.  I was surprised  that I am still pretty shaken by our accident, but everything here has been absolutely Amazing.  The people, there are no words how great they are.  I am writing this on an Apple computer.  This is the first time that I have used one.  It's good, but - you know, I'm used to PC, so I am fumbling a bit.

I wish I could just keep going.  Not looking forward to going back home.  But, I know that I have to.  Mostly, I am still counting my Thousands of Blessings, that we are Okay from the accident.  When we drove for 45 minutes back to the trailer, I see what "Should" have happened.  It honestly shakes me to my core.  So I want to just embrace every second and say "Thank You"!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You can accomplish more than you think!

Yesterday, CoCo and I were riding in the Tahoe Truck, towing a 12' Utility Trailer - and the trailer tire blew out!  We lost control and went careening down into the median.  VERY SCARY!  We are both Okay!  So many people stopped to help us.  It really made me feel good about people.  We spent the night in Winnemucca, Nevada.  This morning, we will go buy new tires, call AAA, go back and get the tire replaced.  Come back to Winnemucca, get a second tire, and then head on to Twin Falls Idaho.  This is the short story, to a long, scary day.  The sun is out, and we are so BLESSED to be enjoying it!  I am full of joy!  (And a very achy body). lol

Monday, June 20, 2011

RV Trip to Coeur D'alene, Idaho

Very excited.  Tonight, I am driving to Ceres and in the early morning, CoCo and I are heading out for our trip to Idaho.  I will be gone for 11 days.  My return flight will be Friday, July 1st.  I'm not bringing my computer, so most likely will not have access to a computer.  I'm most going to miss all the reading of the groups and blogs that I enjoy every day.  But, it's all cool.  Time to enjoy our road trip!

This morning told dad about the change in plans.  About driving to Ceres, rather than CoCo picking me up.  Yep!  He exploded.  Wanted the whole trip called off.  This is the story of my life.  I sit quietly, in the dark, waiting each day to pass.  But, fortunately, I knew what his reaction would be, so I took my xanax, Exploded Back.  He backed down.  I am going.  I need a break desperately.  I think I am incredibly patient day by day - but, as you know, it is really wearing me down.

Nevertheless - my trip is still on!  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Let love into your heart and more will follow!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

This morning, dad and I are going to the 10:30am showing of Green Lantern.

This is a photo of Wade, Luigi, Brendon, Dad and Tony when they all visited last weekend.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A dream you've planted is about to bloom!

It's Saturday morning.  Getting a lot done.  All of my clothes are now washed.  Luigi is staying close.  I'm already missing him. 

Auntie Isabel called.  She received her new Jitterbug telephone.  It sounds pretty good.  We're all hoping this telephone works out a lot better for her than the one she has with all the bells and whistles.  If it works out REALLY good, I'm considering getting one for dad.  Although, he has one that is VERY simple.  Just everything is hard for him.  You know what I mean?

Dad, Luigi and I went to Sonic's drive-thru and had hot dogs for dinner.  Kind of a fun thing to do.

Ooohhh, the jacuzzi and swimming pool felt so fantastic tonight.  It was the perfect evening.  I feel so happy and so relaxed.

Friday, June 17, 2011

You can meet any challenge.

Went shopping today and bought a couple of tops for trip to Idaho.

CoCo called.  Today she has booked the air flight for me.  I will return on Friday, July 1st from the Spokane airport.  Transfer at the Seattle airport.  Fly into Sacramento airport.  Ron will pick me up in Sacramento and we will drive back to Ceres to pick up my car.  Then I will drive home to Hayward.

CoCo wants me to drive to Ceres Monday night so that we can get an early start in the RV this Tuesday morning.

Not sure if I will have any access to a computer while I am gone.  I'm not bringing my computer with me.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Texas Roadhouse: 2 for $16.99 Limited Menu

Should be a fun day.  First, we do need to wait around for Clark's Pest Control.  They should be arriving between 9:00am and 12:00 noon.

Auntie Isabel is getting her hair done in Hayward.  We just learned that the Texas Roadhouse opens at 11:30am on Thursdays.  They also offer a limited menu which includes 2 for $16.99.  Wanted to make sure I could remember this info, because when you call on the phone, they aren't trained about the menu offerings.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You're immeasurably special!

Getting organized for my RV trip to Idaho.  This morning, I am taking Luigi to PetSmart to get groomed.

Dad is going to exercise class.  This afternoon, dad will get a haircut and I am going to get my hair cut and dyed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A new beginning can begin anytime.

John Steele, Handyman - is coming at 8:00am to see if he can fix the chain for our light on our ceiling fan/light.

Well, John was great.  He actually fixed two of our lights.  I took a few pictures and I think that I'll write a small article and put it in our monthly magazine, the Courier.  I little human interest (including John, Dad, and Luigi) and a little promotion for John.  We are his FIRST customers on his new side job.  He still works full time and has lived in the park for ten years.

Dad has physical therapy at 10:00am. 

Of course - there is Continued Confusion - and dad's physical therapy was cancelled -  We did not know it had been cancelled, until we got there.  Vibrant Care says they Still do Not have authorization from January and they have not been paid for this whole year.  So, they have put in a call to the insurer and we are Wait and See  -  Again!  lol

Dad and I went for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, El Rancho.  I LOVE their steak sandwiches.

Bev Morgan and Cookie came by today for a visit.  Lots of fun.

When we were driving downtown to the physical therapy appointment - there were more than a dozen police cars - and police on foot - running with high-powered rifles - looking for someone.  Later, there was a police car - and a stolen get-away car parked right by our coach!!!  I keep telling dad - I do NOT want to stay in Hayward when the day comes that I am all alone.  He thinks I should stay here in the park, but - No Way!  I honestly, don't believe that I even want to stay in California.  Mainly, because it is just too expensive.

Monday, June 13, 2011

One person can make a difference. And that person can be you.

Dad and I going to Uncle Joe's at noon today.

Had a good time.  Then we all had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.

Bill and Sadie came and visited for over an hour.  Everyone having a good time.

What a great phone call I received tonight!  I talked to both Ron and CoCo.  They are moving from Ceres to Idaho.  CoCo is driving their RV, along with their new little dog Quita and their cat.  I am going to go with her!  She leaves on the 20th or 21st.  She will stay with her mom.  Then I will fly back home on the 28th or 29th.  Ron will finish up with the house and everything here.  They will most likely be snowbirds and not stay in Idaho during the winter.  I am really looking forward to this.  Dad is doing really good right now.  The timing could not be better.  Bill has promised to watch after dad also. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One step is all it takes to get started!

This morning dad and I are going to the movies and see Hangover II.

We had a really nice day.  Before we left for the movie, dad got a call that Amy had brought fresh donuts from Krispy Kreme to the clubhouse.  Dad really likes Amy and wanted to go.  So we ran down to the dining room table there.  Lots of people.  Dad had three donuts!  He loved it.  I went outside to the swimming pool and enjoyed the gorgeous, warm morning sun and walked and stretched.  Definitely helped me shake off the blues.

Dad and I had a great day.  We both really enjoyed the movie.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

No matter how busy life gets, there's always time for joy!

It is still early.  5:00am  Should see Tony and Brendon today.  Hope dad can stay calm.  He doesn't do well with people coming over. 

Brendon, Wade, Tony and Susan here all afternoon, all evening, until 1:30am.

Always alone in a crowd.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Your best is guaranteed to impress.

Had a pedicure today.  My heels are just too cracked for my new silk sheets.  Guess what - it didn't help enough!  So, I am still sleeping over the spread and under the comforter.  Of all times to have cracked heels.

Tony and Brendon are both in town this weekend.  So, we shall see.  The weekend is wide open!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Silk Sheets

Today, I am going to finally try my new silk sheets.  The cleaning ladies are coming this morning and they always change our sheets.  Summer and heat are coming, and hopefully the sheets will help a little to keep cool.  I bought this cool foot file on Amazon from Diamancel #11 for extra strength.  It is Fantastic!  Immediately smooths my cracked heels.  It is like Magic!  I totally Love It!

A couple of books that I have posted for sale on Amazon have fortunately sold, so I have been wrapping them up and mailing them.

Today, Uncle Joe has to go to the Veterans in Livermore for a doctor's appointment for ears, nose and throat.  He doesn't even know why.  Just received a postcard.  lol  Doctors appointments never end.  Good part is, dad and I are going to meet them in Livermore at Harry's Hofbrau for lunch.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You have so many reasons to feel good about yourself!

This morning I go in for my mammogram.  I don't really mind getting one, but I admit, the results always make me a little nervous.  I mean, you just really never know.  But, I'd rather know right away if there is a problem.  So, today is the day.

6:00pm note:  While taking my shower this morning, I got to thinking that I never received a "reminder notice" via email.  Sure enough, my appointment is not scheduled until Wednesday, July 6th!

Kat posted a picture on Facebook yesterday.  She has pierced her belly button.  It looks so red and painful.  She seems really happy about it.  I have my ears pierced and no matter what I do, my ears get infected every time I put on earrings.  Even 18 karat gold - my ears just say NO!  On the Facebook, Kat's cousin says her belly button ripped with her belly button ring, when she got pregnant and was putting on weight.    I feel a little negative about all these piercings, but I really don't know why I should.  If they make people feel good, what is the big deal.  I hate ever feeling prejudice, so I really need to be more open-minded about this.  Yes, that's it.  If Kat's happy, then I'm happy.  It's her body.  She's not hurting anyone.  Sometimes, when we look at something we're not use to....  hey!  Good for you Kat!  Hope you enjoy it for 100 years.  (And glad no one is forcing me to get one!)  lol SMILE!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Take Your RV to Europe

This is the title to a book that I currently have checked out of the library.  Definitely want to keep this title where I can find it in the future!


Boy, did I have a lazy day today.  I LOVED IT!

I was super tense yesterday and last night, so I took 3/4's of a xanax to relax.  It worked really well.  I actually slept through the whole night.  Only thing is, I am a terrible pill taker and couldn't wake up until 11:00am.

The good part was that Bill and dad went out to Carl's Jr. for hamburgers for lunch.  They were gone until 2:00pm.  Very relaxing for me. 

So I fixed some grass-fed hamburgers with a concocted rub of oregano and several other spices.  Sliced the purple onions.  Had everything ready for a nice dinner tonight.

About 3:00pm Miguel stopped by.  Until about 5:00pm Miguel, Dad, Bill, Carlos, Sadie and Luigi sat out on the porching talking.  Very relaxing for me.

Then dad remembered he has to go to the NEVRA meeting at the clubhouse tonight, so we postponed the hamburgers until tomorrow.

Aaaahhhh..... I love these rare days when dad is gone most of the day.  Very relaxing for me.  Smile.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Promotionalcodes.com and Couponwinner.com and FreeShipping.org and MyTrueFit.com

I have found these websites that I want to keep track of.  Whenever you are ordering online and see a box for a promotional code, First, go to these two websites and you may likely find the code and Save Money!

Auntie Isabel is sounding so MUCH BETTER!  She is so lucky that she gets so healthy so fast.  She gets bronchitis, and with a little medication from her doctor, she is well in one week!  Sometimes, I have it for 3 to 6 months at a time!  God Bless Her!

Today, she has her monthly eye doctor appointment.  They take xrays of her eyes.  Then they give her the injections in the eye.  We will all meet for lunch at the Waffle House in Dublin.  Always so much fun!

Went to Planet Fitness this afternoon.  Turns out I didn't have any gym shorts.  Shopped and shopped.  Finally, found a pair that fit me at Ross.  Size 3X - OUCH!!!!!

You're someone to believe in.  Whatever challenges come your way, you can meet them.  Whatever obstacles you encounter, you can find your way around.  And any roadblocks, detours or setbacks along the way are only temporary.  You're on the path to success, and nothing can stop you!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The New Evolution Diet

I read a lot of books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, groups.  I LOVE to read.  Right now, I have been reading a book from the library, "The New Evolution Diet", which goes along with the Paleo diet eating and exercise.  I am enjoying it so much, that I have ordered a copy from Amazon.  You know that I have been reading more and more about Paleo.  I'm totally intrigued.  Not sure why I continue eating the potato chips and french fries, pizza, cheeseburgers, and everything else that couldn't possibly be worse for me.  But, I just keep insisting that I would be healthier to start eating healthier and exercising. I know that I am definitely going to do it.  I am best at baby steps.  Need to start with one small meal, and then add to that.  See how easy this is!  bwahahahaha 

Dad and I went too early to Niles today.  It is the Charlie Chaplin Weekend, where everyone dresses up like Charlie Chaplin.  Unfortunately, the cane is not enough help for dad.  We walked passed one building and he was in trouble.  Also, I could not get Luigi to settle down.  Afraid he was going to bite someone.  Poor dad, was so disappointed.  Think we will try his walker next time.  This is so frustrating for dad and for me.

Cousins Debbie, Deaunn, Kim and Krissy have all just started going to a Fitness Boot Camp.  I think they have signed up for the two week introductory program.  On Day One, poor Krissy was throwing up.  But their going "may" give me some incentive.  Yea, right!  lol  I am one lazy gal.  I need to snap out of this!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hope will always take you further than doubt.

Sure hope we have a nice, rainy weekend.  Can not believe how much it has rained this year.  For some reason, this year, I am really into it.  So, guess that makes this a great year for being rainy.  Just feel like curling up and cuddling inside.  The timing is definitely 'on the mark'!

Okay, Gary Tabke responded to my Facebook question.  He says that Uncle Al was in charge of a Mortar Unit and his discharge papers indicated he was nominated  - (and one other army buddy) for the Bronze Star and the rank of Sergeant.  Gary says that no one actually has Uncle Al's Bronze Star.

Gary Tabke commented on his Wall post.

Gary wrote: "Something you may not know about my Pappy: Because he was color-blind, they made him take point on patrols and when moving from one spot to another. Armed with a Thompson Machine Gun, he could differentiate the hidden snipers from the trees and machine-gun them. Their Captain was a coward and always ran to the rear when the fighting started."

Also, dad says that Uncle Tony was awarded the Purple Heart.

Friday, June 3, 2011

You're beautiful just the way you are.

Dad and I went to Barbara's mom's funeral today.  I really do NOT like going to funerals, but this was a good one.  Terrific family.  Lots of laughter and love.  We decided not to go to the grave site or the Mexican food reception.  I get very uncomfotable in crowds and dad seems to be struggling a bit today with his standing and walking.

Debbie, Krissy, Kim and Deaunn said they have joined a Fitness Boot Camp.  I think they said it is way out in San Ramon and that they will go three times a week.  They have gone to one class so far.  Wish I could get motivated to just do my little fitness DVD's here in my room.  I wouldn't mind kicking back and "watching" the DVD's!  lol  I wouldn't mind "sleeping" through the DVD's!  lol  Is there no hope for a lazy slacker like me???   lol  Obviously, I do not appear to be taking this seriously yet.   Whew!  That was a close one.  Smile.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

You can handle anything that comes your way.

Dad and I met Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Southland and had lunch at Home Town Buffet.  Everyone was comparing how sick they were yesterday.  lol  Everyone is doing pretty well today.  Not 100% - but better.  Sadie went for her grooming today.  She always looks so cute. 

I went online this morning and ordered Angel's Glow for Luigi's tear stains.   They are driving me crazy.  I am feeding him grain-free dog food; giving him Geneflora, which is a probiotic; and adding white vinegar to his drinking water to balance his pH balance.  Still, deep, dark tear stains.  The Angel's Glow worked when he was a puppy.  Sure hope it works again.

Enjoyed the jacuzzi and the pool tonight.  Had them all to myself which I really, really love.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blessings always outnumber difficulties.

This morning I read that is about 90 to 100 degrees weather in many places.  Here it was about 60 degrees and pouring down rain.  I decided to enjoy this weather, and curled up with my comforter and put on my socks and snuggled in the house with Luigi all day long.  We had such a groovy day.  No having to beat-the-heat.  Just knowing how so many people were feeling way too hot - made us decide to appreciate this comfortable rainy June day.


Auntie Isabel is amazing!  She Finally went to see her doctor this morning - she has bronchitis.  Yet, she is still coming to Hayward tomorrow to get her hair done and wants us all to go out for lunch at Home Town Buffet.  Again, I state what a wimp I am.  I use to have chronic bronchitis  - year after year - and I would pretty much stay home for months on end trying to get well. 

Tonight, out of the blue, dad got super sick.  Like a stomach bug.  Kept throwing up, then got really bad dry heaves.  His tummy is so sore, and then he got really constipated.  Just suffered like crazy tonight.  He just took a sleeping pill.  Hope it helps and that he will feel better in the morning.

Cousin Debbie called today and explained how Lenny lost his sight in one eye.  When he was two years old, he was in the car with his mom and seven year old sister, Maureen.  Their car stalled on the railroad tracks!  The train hit their car and the windshield came right at Lenny and he lost his sight in the one eye.  Miraculously, his mom and sister were not injured!