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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Silk Sheets

Today, I am going to finally try my new silk sheets.  The cleaning ladies are coming this morning and they always change our sheets.  Summer and heat are coming, and hopefully the sheets will help a little to keep cool.  I bought this cool foot file on Amazon from Diamancel #11 for extra strength.  It is Fantastic!  Immediately smooths my cracked heels.  It is like Magic!  I totally Love It!

A couple of books that I have posted for sale on Amazon have fortunately sold, so I have been wrapping them up and mailing them.

Today, Uncle Joe has to go to the Veterans in Livermore for a doctor's appointment for ears, nose and throat.  He doesn't even know why.  Just received a postcard.  lol  Doctors appointments never end.  Good part is, dad and I are going to meet them in Livermore at Harry's Hofbrau for lunch.

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