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Sunday, July 31, 2011

You have lots to look forward to!

Dad and I are going to the 10:30am showing of "Captain America: The First Avenger".

Good Movie.  The trailer for the sequel is at the very end after all of the credits.  The sequel has Robert Downey Jr. and will come out May 2012.

I have just found a whole lot of "Magorno's" on Facebook.  I don't know any of them.  They are from several different countries, so I'm sure that I'm not actually related to them, but....  I just couldn't resist.  I sent several of them a "Friend Request".  Usually, I don't know too many Magorno's, so I think it is cool to find other people with my last name.  Who knows.  Maybe someday I will travel to Italy and Argentina and meet them!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

You'll be back on track in no time.

Rough day.  I did go for a drive and listened to half of the Jaycee Dugard CD.  18 years of imprisoned hell.  It's very difficult to listen to.  It's like a car accident, you can't help but look.

Very bad news.  Kat just moved back in last week and is living with her dad.  Her step-mom's (Cynthia) son (Lance) (who Kat and Brendon consider their brother) has been in a terrible car accident.  His one year old daughter, Grace, is in very serious condition and his 21 year old fiancee, Katie is not going to live.  She was not wearing her seat belt.   My heart breaks for their whole family.  That's why we must count our blessings always.  In a blink of an eye, everything can change.

Good News!  Bull Riding is back!  PBR has returned from their summer break.  Yeaaaa!  Enjoy the small moments.  They are very important. 

Luigi is much friskier today, but still not eating.  Dad said that Luigi did eat lots of grass at the park today.  So, for today, that is good.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Even slow starts count!

Luigi still pretty moosh today.  He did finally eat about 1/2 a hot dog and some peanut butter in his kong ball.   Mostly he wanted to lay around and cuddle.

Dad went to exercise.  Then he and Bill went out for hot dogs for lunch, visited Mel at the Rehab nursing, then went for a drive through Berkeley and Oakland.  Later Bill and Sadie came by and watched the Giants baseball game. 

About 8:00pm I went over to the jacuzzi and the pool.  It was just a nice, long quiet day.  We had sausage sandwiches for dinner.  Lots of fun foods today.  Chicken wings, strawberry shortcake, watermelon, celery with peanut butter, Wasabi and Soy Sauce Almonds.

It was nice having most of the day to ourselves.  Much calmer.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

One day can make all the difference.

Family went to Buddy's Bites and Brews Restaurant in Hayward, for lunch today.  This was the first time to go there.  Always fun to try new restaurant.  We all loved the food and the service, but like many restaurants these days, the music was way too loud.  Still, we stayed for over two hours, laughing and talking.  Great day.

Luigi is not feeling well.  He did not eat tonight.  He did not want to play with Sadie.  He just wants to stay under the bed.  Hope the little guy is okay.  His nose is still cold and wet.  Hopefully, he will feel lots better tomorrow.

These pictures are from my new red Panasonic Lumix 14mp, 4x zoom digital camera.  It is nice and light, but a little larger than I would like.  I would really like to get a Verizon iphone with it's 5 mega pixel camera, but I am way too cheap for their expensive monthly plan.  I think I read where there is talk from Verizon for a more affordable plan in the future.  Fingers crossed!  I guess I am too spoiled with my $25 a month Virgin Mobile.  But, I really am getting antsy for an iphone.  Tee hee.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The New Survival of the RV Snowbirds by Joe and Kay Peterson Founders of Escapees Club.  This is a good book.  I am learning many things about Rving and boondocking to make it much easier.  I love my blog.  It's a great place to keep references that I want to remember for later.

Dad goes to exercise this morning and then to exercise lunch.  Looks like my new camera has come in and I will go pick it up.  Also, I have sold my Barbra Streisand book on Amazon.com.  It's nice to enjoy the book, sell it, and move on to the next one.  Glad someone else gets to enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You can handle anything that comes your way.

Slept in late this morning.  Then dad and I took both our cars into Firestone for oil changes.  My car has 153,000 miles on it.  They found a problem.  Cost us $400.

Also, they said more work needs to be done.  Looks like we will be taking my car over to Jim's Automotive and see what work he can do.  Seems like all we do is pour time and money into my precious little car.  It's not as bad as poor Cinnamon.  She lives in Texas and she needs a new air conditioner.  Her house is 98 degrees.  At least we can fix the cars.  She has no money for an air conditioner.  Too bad life couldn't just be perfect all the time.   Yea!  I like that idea!

Monday, July 25, 2011

You matter so much!

First thing this morning, I'm bringing Luigi in the shower with me.  I love to cuddle with him when he is all sweet smelling.  I have a special lavendar dog shampoo that I bought for him from HSN a long time ago.  It is a really big bottle.  They have never had it in this large bottle since then, so I'm really glad now that I bought it when I saw it.  It is the best shampoo, and it keeps him soft and smelling fresh for a long, long time.

Today Uncle Joe goes to the Veteran's doctor.  Afterwards, we will all meet for lunch at Shari's in Castro Valley. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Every success story starts with positive thinking.


I could only copy and paste this picture of Susie from her Facebook.

Here is a picture of Tony from Facebook.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Impressive.  That's what you are.

Stanley Steemer is coming to do all of our carpets for the whole house at 8:00am this morning.

They did a great job.  They even scotch-guarded the carpet.  When they left, Alma, next door, peeked her head out.  They went straight to her house and cleaned her carpet.  Pretty cool.

Called Kaiser.  Carmen has gone home from the hospital.  Mel doesn't want any visitors. 

Dad and I took Luigi to the dog park.  Luigi loved running through the obstacle course.  Luigi found a green tennis ball in the middle of the park and chewed and totally destroyed that ball.  He ran and played with the other dogs.  He also got in a dog fight with a weiner dog - over the ball!  Luigi is serious about balls and toys.  Every single dog was good at the park - except Luigi.  I keep telling him to share his toys, but.........  Hmmmm.... I still love him.  He's just such a naughty dog.

Then dad and I went to the carnival at the club house.  They had a clown, lots of games, music and hot dogs.  It was really a lot of fun.  Everyone was there.

After that, we still wanted to give the carpet more time to dry, so we went and visited Rose Lopes.  She is such a great gal.  It has been a while since we have seen her.  She is looking a little more frail.  We are not sure right now if she is 91 or 93.  She really was happy to see us and did NOT want us to leave.  Fortunately, it was lunch time.  We'll try and visit again soon.

Finally, we ran to Lucky's for a little grocery shopping.  We always buy quite a bit, but never really buy food for lunch and dinner.  I'm not quite sure how that works.  Well, I'll think about it later.

Came home and made root beer floats, watched Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and had Dinty Moore Stew for dinner.   Just another simple day for simple people.  Feels good to rest now.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A little work and a lot of hope go a long way!

Turns out the LaMesa RV in Dublin, was at the RV show at the Oakland Coliseum today.  So, I went out there to look at the Pleasure-Way Class B RVs.  Super expensive, brand new, limited storage, low mileage.  I am definitely leaning toward - when the day ever comes - a Roadtrek 170 with the extra Armoir and other storage they offer.  Probably in the late 90's to mid 2000's.  I feel like I am roped, tied, and gagged these days.   It's my own fault.  I just wish I could be happier about my life right now.  There just doesn't feel like there is any way to make us both happy at the same time.  So much easier, just to make dad happy - in his own way. 

I'm probably just hungry and tired. Let me go take care of that! lol

Tony and Susan stopped in for about an hour.  They are on vacation.  They are going to the motorcycle show in Monterey.  They just bought a BMW motorcycle.  Tony says they will ride the BMW to the motorcycle show to Monterey from Anaheim next year.  Doesn't that sound like a blast.  Lots of fun.

Jacuzzi and pool felt so terrific tonight.

Deaunn called.  They have completely cleaned up and redid Auntie Dorothy's house.  They are having the "Open House" Sunday.  She had that home for 60 years.  It pulls on the heart strings something awful.  We all miss her so much it hurts.

Both Mel and Carmen are in the hospital.  We may go visit them tomorrow.  I think they both are in Kaiser.

Kat is 18.  She moved out of Cinnamon's house today.  Not a word.  Did not say good-bye.  Moved in with her dad.  Remember 18?  Yep!  At 18, there is a lot of this.  It's all good.  Hard on the mommy though.  It gets better.  Be patient.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why wait? Happy is something you can be today!

Today dad and I are going to Pleasanton and visit with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  We plan to have lunch at In-and-Out Hamburgers.  We love that place so much.  Their cheeseburgers are positively addictive.  Supposed to be a nice, hot day.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Breakfast:  Egg Scramble
Lunch:       Turkey Sandwich
Dinner:      Bean Chili
Avoid:  Bacon, Cheese, Sausage - causes sleepiness
Opt for:  Chicken, Beans, Sirloin
Omega-3 Fish Oil, multi-vitamin, green tea, water
Beach, Bicycle, Walking
1 oz.  Full Fat Cheese daily
Exercise 'BEFORE EATING' for burn fat.

I have ordered the JumpSnap, which is a ropeless, electronic jump rope.  I've been wanting to jump rope, but I think I will be able to use this one inside the house.

Today, I went and saw "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2" in XD.
I liked the movie, but I really didn't need XD for this movie.  The XD is 3D (I didn't realize that) and I had to wear those stupid glasses - which always slip all around over my regular glasses.   I paid $15 for one ticket.  The regular, first movie of the day, would have only cost me $6.75.  I was just curious.  Also, the big seats in this stadium - my feet never touched the ground.  My legs went to sleep.  My legs are way too short for those seats.  (Wish they were way too thin - lol)  It was the 10:30am showing and there were only six people in the H U G E theater stadium.  I LOVED IT!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your needs count, too!

This morning I am going to see, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 2, in XD.  This will be my first XD experience.  I understand it should be even better than IMAX.  They are also showing it in 3D, but I think I would prefer not having to wear the glasses.  I have seen all of the movies.  When I worked in Livermore, I listened to the first four books on audio tape during my drive to and from work.  Some day, when I'm traveling around the country, I will listen to all of them.

Last night, I ordered another camera from HSN.  My favorite little Casio, tried to die on me at Denny's yesterday, even though I just bought her another brand new battery from Amazon.  This new one is a Panasonic.  I'm hoping it has a great high-speed burst mode and that it is light and thin.  Some day, I'll get a cool smart-phone, like the iphone, and just use the camera from that.  Someday.  SMILE

Auntie Isabel called.  Uncle Joe has a doctor's appointment at the Veterans in Livermore.  We are going to meet them at Harry's Hofbrau at 11:00am for lunch.  Guess Harry Potter will have to wait til tomorrow.

Monday, July 18, 2011

New and unexpected joys are coming your way!

Dad and I having lunch at Denny's in Fremont with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.

Cheri texted me last night.  She's having her gall bladder removed this morning. 
9:00pm  The surgery was a success and Cheri is doing fine. I love good news.
Here's to your continued good health Cheri!  Stay Well!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

There's a word for you: wonderful!

This morning, looks like dad and I are going to do some running around.  Shopping.  He needs new tennis shoes.  Also, his electric toothbrush died today, so we will pick him up a new one.  We may run out to Niles and pick up their newspaper.  He thinks there is something going on today, but he can't remember what.  He has actually been taking his sleeping pills and also his pain pills.  Hope he continues to feel better.  He is in a much better mood.  Maybe, Finally, he can enjoy a little more.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Joy will find you wherever you are!

Went to the dog show in Niles with dad, Bill and Sadie this morning.  We all had a really great time.  Spent about three hours there.  They had lots of booths, a talent show, costumes, and a K-9 demonstration.  It was just a perfect morning.

Went to lunch at Applebee's in Union Landing with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  An absolutely perfect afternoon.  We laughed and had so much fun.  This was completely the kind of day that summer's are made of.  Thank you for this beautiful day with our loved ones.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Show the world how beautiful you truly are. Smile!

Dad and Bill visited Nick this morning.  It was a good visit.  They all hope to go out for lunch next week.  Luigi and I ran around and did some errands.  I mailed a package that I sold on Ebay.  That always feels good.

Here's some pictures from Lake Hayden in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dr. Mirza's Appointment

Today, we went to dad's appointment with Dr. Mirza.  I'm writing this down just to have reference down the road.  We seem to go over this a thousand times, and I want it written down to prove to dad in the future that it is this simple.

Only needs to see Dr. Mirza every four months - to renew his prescriptions.

Take Restoril every other night to sleep.  If still having trouble sleeping on the odd-nights, call Dr. Mirza and he will prescribe Valium.

Take Norco 60 to 90 minutes Before using pulley for shoulder.

Take Norco Before going to exercise class.

You will NOT become addicted - you are 86 years old and in pain all of the time.  These prescriptions are there to help you have a QUALITY Life!  Enjoy!


4:00am this morning Nick Russo called dad.  Nick wants dad and Bill to come visit.  Nick called again at 11:00am - "why haven't you come to see me?"

Tomorrow morning, dad and Bill are going to see Nick.  I'm not sure, but Louise (Nick's wife) keeps telling us how sick Nick is.  I'm just wondering if this is Nicks "burst of energy", before the end.  I've seen it happen a number of times now.  With Kelly, Auntie Dorothy, Auntie Mary, Sammy.  Seems like my life is shrouded with people dying.  It seems morbid.  Hanging out with only older people.  All dying or waiting to die, or watching all of their friends die.  Yuck!  It's life - but, too much of the end!  I just have to stay calm, and enjoy each day.

We had fun this morning.  The cleaning ladies came, and dad and I had breakfast at McDonald's.  We watched a good James Cagney movie from the library, "The Roaring Twenties".   I enjoyed the jacuzzi.  We ate lots of good food from Bill and Carol.  They got their new refrigerator today.

Luigi is cuddling with me.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why just wish for good things to happen when you make them happen?

Dad went to exercise this morning.  I headed out to the movies.  First, I saw Jim Carey in Mr. Popper's Penquins.  Then, I slipped into a second show, Transformers.

Tonight, I went to the jacuzzi and swimming pool and continued enjoying Howard Stern's History Shows.  Pretty much just did want I wanted to do today.  I liked it.  I'd like to do a whole lot more of this.  Just having more time away from dad makes me a little calmer.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dreams still come true. Yours can, too!

Today, I take Luigi to get his booster shots.

I finally learned how to get twitter tweets directly on my prepaid Virgin mobile cell phone that I only pay $25 a month for.  It includes 300 minutes of talk, which I've only used 30 minutes this whole month - and Unlimited! texts and data. (Includes YouTube, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  So, now I have added about 100 people.  Mostly, comedians and people involved with Paleo and exercise (hoping to laugh and also to get motivated!)  And, of course, hypnosis links.  Do I know how to waste time, or what.  Just remember, it just takes one good idea.  And you never know where that idea may come from.  SMILE!

Just found this cute picture of Cinnamon on Facebook!

You are so much more than you give yourself credit for.  Maybe you think all the little things you do don't add up.  But they multiply!  Maybe you think you're just like everyone else.  But you're a blessing, a gift, a gem!  How could you ever think you're ordinary?  Nothing would be the same without you!

This afternoon, I took myself to the movies and saw "Kung Fu Panda 2".

Luigi is very quiet tonight, after having that shot this morning.  I like it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Dreams Are Too Important to Ignore

Today dad and I are going to Pleasanton to Uncle Joe's and then we'll all go out for lunch together at Jack-in-the-Box.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Every day, in a big or small way, you make a difference!

This morning dad and I went to the movies and saw "Horrible Bosses" with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman.  We both really thought it was a good movie. 

Then we came home and watched our DVD from the library - James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandee.  Also, a really good movie.

We had a 2-for-1 coupon from KFC, so went there for dinner.  We had Luigi with us and we ate in the car.  Bill brought us fried zucchini - Delicious.  We may try to make it also.  Bill brought us fresh from the garden zucchini from Tracy (the city).

Bill came back over and they watched the Giants baseball game. 

CoCo called and we talked for an hour.  I went online and ordered the new audio book that is coming out Tuesday of Jaycee Dugard, the little girl that was kidnapped for 18 years.  I also order the dice game, "Left, Right, and Center".

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A single moment can change everything. And every day has 1,440 of them!

Started out very overcast this morning.  Now the sun is starting to shine through.  Luigi was fun and cuddly with me this morning.  Looks like dad and I are going to Georgian Manor mobile home park this afternoon for their Saturday afternoon music.  I've heard they bring instruments.

Yes, yes.... I do spend ALL of my time with a little older crowd.  Live music.  Our friend Gerry.  Yes, yes,  the music was fun.  Yes, yes we had about FOUR HOURS of "Senior Moments" by our musicians.  They rotated with about twelve musicians - average age 85 to 90+.  haha   I see my future - and I'm Scared!  lol  Of course, I should be as active as all these folks.  I really do admire and love them all.  But, at that age, doing "anything" is an effort.  Sure hope, they get that "Magic Youth Pill" for us Baby Boomers by the time we are their age. 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Smiles change lives.

Dad goes to exercise this morning.  Auntie Isabel has her eye doctor appointment in Fremont this morning.  Then we will all meet for lunch at Denny's.

Received two nice cards from Auntie Alma and wrote her back.  I believe she is now 91.  I wonder if I will live as long and healthy a life as all of my family.  I think I have to take much more responsibility for the healthy part.  I would like to start hiking.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrate what you do right!

Glad that I have decided to go to Dr. Hightower.  I already feel better.  Also, I realize that I do have many things that I still need to make time for.  Need to see if my new software for Wild Divine actually works.  I installed it onto my computer, but never pulled out the hardware to see if it is working.  Need to learn how to use my Magellan eXplorist GC.  Bought it, and have never used it yet.  Need to sell several books on Amazon - including finish reading several more to be able to list.  I'm feeling more positive again.  I'm getting a little more space and I'm spending more time out of the house.  Both, very helpful.  Been going to the jacuzzi and pool every night this week.  Aaaahhhh.


All my chiropractor could talk about is how I am just too heavy (Fat) and all of the medical problems it is going to cause me, if I don't get serious and drop this extra weight.  So, I immediately went to Weinerschnitzel and had a relish dog (Angus beef).  Then, I went to Planet Fitness.  Enjoyed the massage chair for 15 minutes and then fooled around a little on the 30-minute circuit.  Somehow, losing weight has got to be fun for me.  I think I will work a bit with my self-hypnosis, and also use some of my Leslie Sansone exercise DVD's.  I think I will also try using my jump rope.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Like yourself. There's no reason not to!

Today, I am actually going for my mammogram.  And I have an appointment for tomorrow morning with Dr. Hightower, my chiropractor.  I'm still feeling a little achy and out-of-sorts from our whipping around, and running off the road into the median, outside of Winnemucca, Nevada.  I still feel like it was a miracle that we are okay.  I honestly felt like angels picked our truck up and set it gently down.  We were really out-of-control there, and then it felt like we were being cared for.  If that wasn't real, it sure felt like it was.  Oddly, I feel like my mom was there.  Whether true or not, that's the strong impression that I feel.

I am just so upset every single day.  I don't want to be here.  I want to get out and live my own life.  I have to shake this.  I know that I can not have what I want.  I am so torn.  I want to scream and I want to cry.  But, what good would it do.  I want to feel positive.  I've got to figure out how to make this work for both of us.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stinging Nettle Cures Allergies

Stinging nettle root in tea or capsules.  Better than Claritin or Allegra.  Halts histamine production, the culprit behind sneezing and other allergy symptoms.

Arnica Heals Bruises.  Rub some arnica ointment on black and blue marks, and it'll fade faster.   Topical application of arnica can also reduce the pain and stiffness of arthritis as effectively as ibuprofen.  Just rub arnica gel or cream into bruises or sore spots for quick relief.

Black Cohosh Eases Menopause.

Before committing to hormone replacement therapy (HRT), give this herb a try:  Studies show it's as effective as HRT at reducing symptoms like night sweats and dryness, but without any negative side effects. 

Monday, July 4, 2011


Click on "estimate your retirement benefits" and fill in a few blanks as directed to find your Social Security retirement benefits online. 

Shed weight with a friend.  Even an online buddy can help.  Find one at www.WeightLossBuddy.com or www.BuddySlim.com

Walk 26 minutes a day.

Sip coconut milk.

Fight fatigue with molasses.

Start the day with bran flakes, whole grain cereals, waffles, or bread.

Eating three to five prunes works better at relieving constipation than Metamucil or Fiberall.

Happy 4th of July!  Today we are going to the BBQ at the clubhouse here in the park.  For sure, Frank and Bev Mendes will be there.  Debbie just called dad and invited us to her house.  She is having a BBQ today, but we are going to stay here in the park.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Give yourself some compliments, too!

Wow!  How fast the days past.  Tough transition.  Got home.  Totally bummed out to be back home.  Have slept a lot.  Yesterday was our Family Luncheon with the cousins.  Only Uncle Joe, Auntie Isabel, dad, myself, Kenny and Lisa.  Like twenty cousins simply did not show up.  Also, Skipper, did not even call dad for Father's Day.  Cinnamon finally called today, even though I had asked her to please call dad while I was gone, because I knew he needed the social contact.  I just feel stuck and alone with dad.  The same thing, the same comments, day after day after day.  While everyone else seems to be out there living there own lives. 

This morning, dad and I went to the movies and saw "Larry Crowne" with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.  Cute movie.  This afternoon I did some running around to shake off the blues.  I had considered not continuing to write my blog, but hey!  can't be happy every day.  So I get blue.  I am human.  I am stuck.  I'm not the only one.  This blog helps me focus.  Admit when I'm blue, and celebrate when I'm happy.  I'm not waiting for my life.  This IS my life.  Today.  Right now.  If my life were to end today, then this was my life.  yech... boring.  lol  hehe guess I'd better get back on the horse and keep on going.  See, I already feel better.  I should talk to myself more often.  (uh oh... I do)  haha  I crack myself up.  Really, I'm pretty easy to cheer back up.  Well, Linda, we're back on our blog.  I like that.