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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Think. Plan. Dream. Do!

Nice rainy, lazy, Saturday.  Skipper is nursing his cold.  Seems to be doing better.  Dad, Luigi, and I ran to Kavanaugh Liquor in San Lorenzo and got Skipper some Tia Maria, a case of bottle waters, and $5 in California SuperLotto.  We all rested a lot today.  I made a batch of Ghiradelli Turtle Brownies.  Later, we made oolio oolio for dinner.  Then listened to country music.  Got books downloaded to Cheri's Iphone and Nook.  Luigi was so adorable all day long.

Beautiful, perfect day.

Tough housing market.  Ever since 2008.  This is now 2012.  This is definitely a great time to be buying a house. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

You're amazing!

I am so happy and excited.  Skipper and Cheri arrived for their visit today!  Unfortunately, Skipper is immediately coming down with a cold - which usually leads straight into bronchitis or pneumonia.  My poor brother.  I feel so awful.  This damp, bay area weather, makes him sooooooooooo sick.  There is just nothing we can do.  We have such a great time when they visit.  Wish we had the magic potion to keep Skip healthy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be good to yourself, too!

Dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel for lunch today in Hayward at Digger's Diner.  Luigi is pretty quiet this morning.  Think it might be leftover anesthesia. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You will go far!

Today, Dr. Sangat cleaned Luigi's teeth.  It cost $150 including the anesthesia and antibiotics.  I took him in at 9:00am and he wasn't ready to pick up until 5:00pm.  I have to give Luigi liquid antibiotics every twelve hours for one week.

Our 80 year-old neighbor, Virginia, had coffee at the clubhouse dining table yesterday with everyone.  Then went across the street to Tacos Uruapan.  She feel and fractured her leg and her wrist.  Now, she is over at the rehab center on Gading Road to recover.

Taking Luigi off of rawfeeding for now, while Skipper and Cheri are here and until I learn a little bit more about feeding such a small dog.  Luigi is 7 pounds.  So, it will be a couple of weeks before I can hopefully, start again. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There are so many ways to succeed.

Luigi and I took dad to the dentist this morning for his teeth cleaning.  Afterwards, I spent a few hours running around getting lots done.  Such a nice day.  Right now, Luigi is eating his raw chicken wing.  He takes a  v e r r r y long time.  This takes much longer than eating his dry dog food.  I'm still trying to keep this private right now.  Don't want any negativity until I feel more comfortable with it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Every little step counts!

Giving Luigi a shower this morning.  Dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Country Waffles in Dublin for late breakfast.  Saw Luigi scooting last night.  Better have vet check his anal glands at his teeth cleaning Wednesday.  He was still hungry after one ball full of kibble and two raw chicken wings.  Gave him a couple of duck tenders strips and a little of the banana that I was eating.  Going to give him more chicken today.  Still learning how large a portion he needs.  So far he is doing well.  No bad side effects.  Cross fingers.  I'm hoping for a smooth transition.  Been reading, reading, reading.  Trying to learn and not freak out.  Seems like not too many people are doing this.  Hope I am doing the right thing. 

Hoping that he will have white, clean teeth; clear eyes; shiny coat; healthy energy; and no anal gland or joint or health problems. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Luigi has been rawfeeding for two days now!  Today will be day three.  I am starting him out with raw chicken wings.  I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, so I am reading dog forums and groups on the computer.  Also, I downloaded Tom Lonsdale book, "Work Wonders Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones" onto my Kindle on my cell phone.  I'm trying to take a crash course and hopefully, not make too many wrong turns while transitioning.  I am very excited and hope I am doing the right thing.  Somehow, in today's world, being natural, always becomes very controversial.  Even my simple preference of going barefoot drives people crazy.  Why, I honestly don't understand.

This morning, dad and I are going to the movies to see, "Act of Valor".  It is a fictional story, but they are using real Navy Seals.  Supposed to be pretty intense, but the reviews are very enthusiastic.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smiles are still free!

Nice rainy Saturday.  We stayed home and enjoyed a nice quiet day.  Fed Luigi raw chicken.  Hope I am doing the right thing.

Friday, March 23, 2012


Luigi is feeling much better.  I talked to our veterinarian, Dr. Sangat at Caring Pet Hospital in Hayward.  He agreed to clean Luigi's teeth for the sale price that Haymont Veterinarian on Mission Blvd. is offering right now.  Instead of $295 or $300, he is cleaning his teeth for $147.50.  Apparently, he would normally expect to do blood work, but since we just did it for this little emergency with Luigi's anal glands, we're all set.  Here is the breakdown on cost: 

Dental teeth scaling, polishing and sedation $108
I.V. catheter and fluids $21
Antibiotics  $18

Okay, now because of this latest fiasco.  Luigi having a crisis with his anal glands; having tartar and needing his teeth cleaned;  always having very bad tear stains;  not having a shiny coat - I said enough is enough.  So, today I looked up on the computer about him changing his diet to raw meat.  I signed up with Rawfeeding on Yahoo Groups and Facebook.  I'm going to learn much more about it.  Today, I bought him some raw chicken pieces and organ meats.  He is a little unsure of it and started crying.  haha  I said, "Eat it".  He's actually kind of enjoying it as I type this.  Cross fingers that I am doing the right thing.

Bought a new swim suit at J.C. Penny's today; got a pedicure and used the jacuzzi.  Someone had simply pushed the big red STOP button.  All is well.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New beginnings.

Dad and I went to Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel's.  Then we all went to lunch at Zorn's Restaurant in Pleasanton.  Lots of fun today.  Luigi is feeling much better and his test results all came back good.  We may be able to get his teeth cleaned for $147.50.  I'll follow up on it tomorrow.

Auntie Dorothy's house has sold.  I drove by there.  It sure makes me a little sad.  I guess that's natural.  It pulls on my sad strings.  I want to be positive and be happy and believe she is in heaven.  I feel a sense of loss and longing.  Kinda selfish.  I miss her.  This is just life.  Life goes on.  Sometimes it hurts.  Sometimes we wallow.  Guess I'll wallow for a little while.  Maybe it's good to feel a little pain sometimes.  Maybe it makes you feel human.  But, I prefer feeling happy.  Happy Days Auntie Dorothy!  I Love You!

Good news.  Turns out the jacuzzi - someone had just pushed the Emergency Red Stop Button.  It's back up and running.  Now, I'm too lazy to go over there.  haha  Maybe tomorrow.  I don't like my new swim suit that I ordered online.  It has a hook right in the middle of my back where I cannot reach.  Called Ross Stores tonight.  They said they have women's swimsuits in.  Think I'll run over to the Castro Valley store tomorrow and see if I can pick up a new bathing suit.

Bill and Sadie are here.  Luigi is playing hard with Sadie and having a ball.  Sounds so good to hear Luigi healthy again. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Took Luigi to the Veterinarians today.  Not happy.  It may just be infected anal glands, but it cost $200 today and they are talking about coming back once a week for 6 to 8 weeks to express the glands and have injections.  Also, talking again, trying to have Luigi's teeth cleaned.  I feel I am being gouged.  They even sent a bottle home with me to get his urine sample.  Please!  They are going to call tomorrow with the results for the blood and fecal.  I seriously am ready to find another vet.

Otherwise, had a really nice day.  Lots of running around and getting things done and enjoying myself.   Although, tonight the jacuzzi is not working again.  Sigh...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You're someone worth believing in.

Dad and I visited Rose Lopes today.  She celebrated her 92nd birthday March 16th.  She fell recently and hurt her leg and hip and now has a real problem with sitting, standing, walking, etc.  Hopefully, time and physical therapy can help.

Then we stopped by Rite-Aid for Duggans for dad; the Dollar store for cookies; and Subway - we picked up Meatball Footlongs and brought them home for lunch.

We had Luigi with us and one block from where Rose is, drove by Sargent Avenue trying to find Diane Buchanan's house.  It's been so long since we've been there.  After we got home, I went on the computer and found the address.

Luigi began doing so much better today, but tonight, he is really drooping again.  Hmmmmmmm.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Go for it!

Dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel in Castro Valley for lunch at Wendy's.  Lately, Auntie Isabel seems to be not doing as well.  I think it is a lot of little things.  Aging sucks!

Sure hope Luigi is going to be okay.  He has had a tough couple of days.  He yelps when he gets up or down the furniture.  He yelps when I try to give him a hug.  He doesn't want to play with his ball - which he wants normally 24 hours a day.  He just is very clingy, and wants to stay right next to dad or I.  Part of the time he walks with his tail down, between his legs, and occasionally he has a nice happy, up and wagging tail.  We are just keeping an eye on him so far.  He goes back and forth between better and worse. 

This last week, I have been going to the jacuzzi every day.  Pure heaven.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

This is your year!

Dad and I are going to the movies this morning and see "21 Jump Street".  It's a comedy with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Good movie.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

You're someone special.

Today is the Cousins Family Lunch.  Al and Lyn are headed for Hawaii, so they won't be able to make it.   Lisa, Kenny, Debbie, Deaunn, Kim, Annie, Dad and I.   We are meeting at Fuddruckers in Pleasanton.  Had a really fun day.   Annie too 401 pictures on my digital camera.  Should be fun  getting through all of them!  lol! 

Came home and jumped into the jacuzzi.  Ordered a new bathing suit on eBay. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Determination is powerful.

Nice rainy week.  Dad went to exercise class and they had a birthday party for his exercise teacher, Sue.  I ran all over town and got lots of errands accomplished.  Very good day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful is what you are.

Dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Applebee's today by Southland. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Less belly fat = less hunger!

- Blast belly fat with pears.

- Turn off hunger with ricotta cheese.  Use low-fat ricotta cheese in place of cream cheese on bagels and toast, mix it into scrambled eggs or add it to lasagna!

- Blunt blood-sugar spikes with buckwheat tea!  Find it in health food stores.

- Maintain muscle with black-eyed peas.  Really a bean, the "peas" can be prepared as a side dish or tossed into soups.  Black-eyed peas are one of the highest sources of leucine, an amino acid that prevents your body's muscles from shrinking as you lose weight.

-  Feel full faster with barley!  Folks who started their day with bread made from barley grain felt less hungry for the next 10 hours.  Switch from white toast to a multigrain that contains barley - such as Pepperidge Farm 15-Grain bread.

- Fire up your fat burners with guava!  Twice the amount of Vitamin C than an orange.  Vitamin C helps the body make L-carnitine, an amino acide that ushers fatty acids into your body's cells where they're burned for energy.  Eat the fruit fresh, if it's available or spoon up the canned variety, which is on supermarket shelves year-round.

- Red bell peppers

-  Strengthen muscles with sardines which are naturally rich in Vitamin D.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Tammie emailed me part of her geneology research yesterday.  Turns out my mom's mom, was named Mildred Ellen South.  I never knew that before.  It would seem to me, that is where my middle name came from.  What a surprise to me.  Considering, I don't believe my mom and I ever had a single conversation our whole lives, I guess this shouldn't really surprise me that much.  Yet, it does.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Your greatest asset is you!

Great day.  Dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Don Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Castro Villiage. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thank goodness for people like you.

Dad and I are going to the movies this morning and see, "A Thousand Words" with Eddie Murphy.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

If you can picture it, it's possible!

Dad and I went grocery shopping at Walmart this morning.  Then I went off in my car and enjoyed the whole day.  Thank you!

Friday, March 9, 2012

You're somebody special!

Nice quiet day.  Dad went to exercise and out with Bill.  I stayed home all day and relaxed.  Perfect, beautiful day.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

You don't have to be perfect to be awesome!

Today is Skipper's 62nd birthday.  Tomorrow is Cheri's 62nd birthday.

Yesterday, dad went to exercise and out for hot dogs and ride with Bill.  I took Luigi to PetSmart and had him groomed by Ethan.  He looks really cute.  I went to the movies and saw "Lorax" - an animated film.

This morning the cleaning ladies are coming.  Then dad and I are going to Pleasanton to Uncle Joe's and Auntie Isabels.  They got a new telephone with a new answering machine and I believe we are going to help them put in their telephone numbers.

Lots of fun.  Got the new telephone all set up with date and time, outgoing message and some numbers entered in.  Then we all went out for lunch to The Habit Burger Grill.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You are a treasure beyond measure.

Went to Jim's Hair Salon and had my hair cut and colored this morning.  Dad took his scooter and went to the dining table at the clubhouse.  Busy day.  Good day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

One person can make a difference.

Today dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel for lunch at Wendy's in Castro Valley.  Lots of fun.

Afterwards, dad, Luigi and I - and Bill and Sadie - went to the park across the street.  Lots of fun.  Wore the dogs out.  Dad and I came home and made a fresh batch of oolio oolio - Delicious!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Follow your heart. It knows you best.

This morning, dad and I went to the movies and saw, "The Artist".  It is the silent film that I just saw in Redwood City last week.  I actually enjoyed it more the second time around.  Then we came home and picked up Luigi and took him to the park.  Lots of fun.  I think he actually got a little tired today.  He has been calmer and laying down.  Then dad and I made oolio oolio.  Delicious!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

You're allowed to put yourself first sometimes!

Nice warm Saturday.  Spent about four hours running around alone getting lots done.  Then stopped at the library and picked up two W.C. Fields DVD's from around 1934 and brought them home and dad and I watched them.  Lots of fun.

In the car, listened to my new William Shatner CD, "Has Been".  I love it.  I love it so much that I downloaded the whole CD onto my computer and posted one cut, from Track 3 - "You'll Have Time" or also known as "You're Gonna Die" - onto Facebook.  This is the link posted below.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 87th Birthday Dad!

Dad and Skipper

Today is dad's 87th birthday.

Dad is going to exercise this morning and then to the clubhouse dining table.

Then we are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel for lunch at Denny's in Pleasanton.  Had lots of fun.

Dad and I took Luigi to the park across the street.  Met really nice people and had a great afternoon.  No one celebrated dad's birthday at the dining table at the clubhouse this morning.  Our young friend, Carlos, age 57, who has bad seizures, died suddenly last night from seizures.  Poor Miguel, who has become a very good friend with Carlos, was crying so hard.  This is such a shock and a loss.  Carlos was the sweetest, nicest person.  Dear Carlos, may you be healthy in the afterlife.  You were always an angel right here on earth.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brendon's Wedding Video


Hope this video shows up.  It is so cute of Brendon dancing at his wedding.  Maybe try cutting and pasting the url if you can't just click on it.

Miguel stopped by this morning and brought dad a Denzel Washington DVD to watch.  And he gave us ideas of where to eat lunch.  Two were for fish and chips.  The first one we went to is closed for repairs.  The second one would not take credit cards.  Dad does not use an ATM card and does not like to use cash.  So we left.  We went to San Leandro to La Pinata 2 Restaurant and had delicious mexican food.  Enchildadas.  On the way home we ran over to Walmart and did some quick shopping. 

We called Auntie Isabel and checked on Uncle Joe's cataract eye surgery today.  Sounds like everything went well.  He is wearing a patch and taking pain medication.  Tomorrow he has two separate follow-up doctor appointments.  In-between the two appointments, we will meet them for lunch at Denny's in Pleasanton.