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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Second Weigh-In

How'd I do that!?  I over ate so much this week and was so miserable - and yet, somehow my
Weigh In says that I LOST half a pound!  Must be Beginner's Luck!  haha  Anyway, dad and I went grocery shopping this morning and I picked up some fruits and vegetables and stuff.  Really want to focus on Weight Watchers Points and drop this weight. 

Today, I returned my Canon camera to Walmart.  The new models are coming out in March and I'll start deciding what I want to do then.

Later I drove up to Garin Park and spent a few peaceful hours.  It feels so good to get away. 

All I ever think about is getting a campervan and traveling and being free.  Thank goodness for dreams.  Yet, I constantly count my blessings for today.  Dad and Luigi and I are all healthy and the whole family is healthy and well cared for.  Okay, now, let's get traveling!  Yahooo!

I'm off to a good start.  WeightWatcher'sPlus says Zero Points for fruits and vegetables.  I always get hungry in the middle of the night - and I had a pear!  The best part is, this one was actually ripe and juicy and sweet.  yummmy.   Also, I looked on the computer because the family is having lunch at Denny's today and I found the Senior French Toast with one egg for only 8 points.  Eating at restaurants turns out to usually be VERRRY High in Points.  This will be an interesting challenge as we eat out several times a week.  But, I always love a good project. 

Cousins Kenny, Bobby and Elizabeth at Family Lunch

Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Family Lunch

We had a great Family lunch Saturday at the Elephant Bar in Dublin.  There were about 20 family members.  Everyone agreed we would like to do this ongoing every other month.  So much is going on with our family.  Krissy and Keith have bought a house.  Kim and Edgar have a new French Bull Dog puppy named Bo.  He is all white.  So cute.  Nicholas and Sherry are expecting a baby girl in May.  Here is a picture of the family at the table that our waiter Tim took for us.

Lisa Has Emergency Appendectomy

Just received an email from cousin Lisa Fazzio that she just gotten out of the hospital with an emergency appendectomy.  She is the one that has organized our whole big Family Lunch with all the cousins for Today!  Now, she is the one who has to pass on the lunch.  Yikes!  I'm so glad that we have decided to have our Family Lunch every two months, because it is always something.  Life does fly by. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Raining Dogs

It's 8:00am and pouring rain.  Taking Luigi to PetSmart to get groomed.  I want her to really clean his face and make it short and see if the allergy pills are working at all.  There is a lot of old stain, so we'd like to see if he is still tearing as badly.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 39th Birthday Tony!

My nephew Tony is 39 Today!  Can not believe it.  The best part is he just got married for the first time in June to the most wonderful woman in the world.  Their smiles are brighter than the sun.  Honestly!  I should post some pictures.  I think I will. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Day Another Funeral

We went to Sammy Sarubbi's Memorial Services today in Livermore.  Last year we lost both of dad's sisters within four months of each other in May and September.  I know I do complain a lot about this, but I have to stay with my dad all of the time and it seems we have been having too much end of life activity on a regular basis.  I seriously need to have more "LIFE" in my life.  Guess I am just feeling sad because today was a sad day. 

Then Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel, dad and I had lunch at Shari's restaurant in Livermore.  Tonight I slipped into the jacuzzi, but there were too many people so I didn't get to "mellow out". 

But we did have left-over brownies - and they are still DELICIOUS! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Skip, Auntie Dorothy, Cheri

Missing everyone.  Here is a picture of Skipper and Cheri visiting Auntie Dorothy at Baywood last year.

Family had a nice day yesterday.  Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel came to our house for a couple of hours and we had a good time.  So did Luigi.  Then we tried to return Auntie Isabel's Verizon cell phone, but her contract runs until June 18, 2011.  We have to be patient.  Great lunch at Applebee's.

Also, I made a batch of Ghirardelli's Chocolate Brownies.  Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Picture of Dad
This is a great picture of dad that Bob Bird brought to us.  He looks so great here.  Now this is how 85 should and does look.  When dad is out with people, he just comes alive.  His smile is priceless.

You know, I was just wondering.  Until I turned 40 and started putting weight on, I loved to somersault, do hand-stands and all of those things.  Now, I'm wondering if I don't/can't do those things because I'm heavy or because I'm not as young.  What I'm thinking is - I would like to still be doing those acrobatic kinds of moves.  Sure hope I can do them again some day.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

WeightWatcher's Online

It's Working!  Sunday is weigh-in day for the week.  196.5 early this morning.  My first goal is for 188.  They say take it in small steps.  I am very happy that I finally started this.  Instead of just thinking about it. 

Since I have started giving Luigi 1/2 allergy pill twice a day - stuffed in a small piece of pupperoni - I didn't want to just be giving him extra treats - so I have decided to start a little more training with him.  We did quite a bit the first year - and now he is four years old and we haven't trained for new tricks in about two or three years.Time just flies by.  I have just taught him to "Come Sit" which means he comes and sits right beside my left ankle.  He is so cute.  I was showing the trick to Bill and Luigi was so excited he was jumping - rolling over - all of his standard tricks to get his treat.  We were laughing so hard.  Finally, we all calmed down - and he was PERFECT!  He is the best!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Computer Screen Larger

You can make anything on your computer screen larger/bigger anytime you want, simply by holding the Control button and the plus sign.  Make everything/anything back smaller holding the Control button and minus sign.  Very Cool!

A week or so ago we bought a gallon of milk and somehow it got left in the trunk of the car overnight.  Dad insisted it was a cold enough night and the milk was okay.  I never drank the milk - dad has been and it seemed okay.  Yesterday, I made chocolate pudding with the milk.  This morning I see that 3/4's of every cup of pudding is GREEN.  Dad says, I just ate one of those and it was fine.  He did NOT want me to throw it out.  I threw everything out.  The pudding, the milk.  I'm loopy by nature, no denying it.  But, sometimes I think dad is totally losing it.  I have gone over the on/off buttons for the TV and the cable box so many times with him - I am exhausted.  Just felt like venting.  We had spaghetti and meatballs for lunch - Delicious!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sammy Sarubbi Died

Our dear friend, Sammy Sarubbi has passed away.  Salvatore Mario Sarubbi.  Remember, that adorable picture of him on December 31, 2010.  That was the last time we saw him.  He was so happy and playful.  Sammy celebrated his 87th birthday January 1, 2011.  It's interesting how many people we know, that shortly before they die, they seem to be healthier and happier.   We are going to miss you dear friend.  Have Fun in Heaven!

The family had a nice day.  We spent some time at Uncle's Joe's and I borrowed a photo album that I am going to scan a lot of the pictures.   I love my scanner.  So far, I have only scanned.  Haven't quite figured out how to get the pictures into the computer yet.  Probably should learn how to save the pictures onto an SD Card for safety.  Then, we all went shopping at the Livermore Costco.  The rain was pouring down on the freeway and poor Uncle Joe had a pretty tough time of driving.  The good part was we stayed and ate at Costco and had their Polish Hot Dogs for lunch.

Skipper and Cheri called tonight to check on dad.  Looks like there is a pretty good chance I may be able to fly to Lubbock for Kat's high school graduation.  Sure hope so.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting Started With Weight Watchers Online

Okay, here I am with all my heavy weight.  HOPEFULLY, I will begin to decrease down to a healthy weight.  Might as well post these pictures and stop hiding and start getting excited about getting back to a healthy weight.  Until I was 40, I always weighed 108  and sometimes less.  I never gave weight a thought.  I was hoping it would just come off by itself, but looks like I do have to make a conscious effort.  Hey, that is what is so great about having this blog.  This will be one of my new projects and it will be fun.

Actually, I just had to post all three of these pictures, because I Love the way Luigi is looking up at me.  He is such a great supporter and fun companion.

Slowly, I am tackling my new WeightWatchers program.  Yesterday, I went shopping to find better food choices.  Some are good.  Some, after checking the WeightWatchers website's Points Tracking, I can do even better.  It will definitley be a process.  Very encouraging.  I did go over my points today, but only a couple of points.  For me, that is a success.  Looks like this is going to be my area of focus for now.  It would be so exciting to start dropping the pounds.  I have talked about it for years, and now with the WeightWatchers website, it feels like I can turn to it for help, advice and ideas.  One day at a time.  It needs to be fun and satisfying and keep me full.  Hopefully, not so many "food coma's".  That will leave more hours in the day to be more productive.

Best of all, when I go off RVing, I will be at a healthy weight and know how to eat without living off fast food.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dad's Melanoma

They didn't get all of dad's melanoma.  He went to the doctor and had his stitches removed.  The lab said that it is not necessarily deeper, but wider.  Now, he needs to wait about a month to let this heal and then they will reschedule again to have the rest removed.  Not happy - BUT - certainly counting our blessings that they have found it and counting our blessings that we have health insurance to take care of it.  Plus, it is on his back around his left shoulder blade, so although the scarring may be yucky, it is out of the way, so to speak.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Barbra Streisand

I am consumed by all things Barbra.  I realize now that I don't mention her enough in my very own blog.  I love, love, love Barbra.  I have every single one of her CDs and DVDs.  She is part of my everyday life.  She brings me my greatest happiness and joy.  She sang on the Grammy's last night.  Sometimes I feel like she is my own private, special joy and forget about the millions of others who are thrilled by her too.  Whatever I write about in my blog, always remember Barbra is a part of my day also.

It is after 8:00 pm and I have done really well with my WeightWatcher's points.  Tomorrow, I will go shopping and pick up a couple of things like fruits and vegetables.

Tonight, the jacuzzi was wonderful. 

This high definition on the tv is really wonderful too.  Just wish there were something interesting to watch - like football. :-)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lunch at Vic's

Delicious lunch at Vic's Restaurant in Pleasanton today with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Dad and I had New York Steak on a grilled french roll.  Wow!

Speaking of Wow!  We watched the 53rd annual Grammy's on our new TV.  No kidding, we felt like we were there.  We were glued to that thing.  It was so much fun.  Just imagine if we had a surround sound or a home theater.  We are probably waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy behind the times, but I feel VERY spoiled.  I love that. hehe

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sleeping Better

The last few nights I have been sleeping better. 
Late in the evening I am drinking a cup of  Sleepy Time hot tea. 
Taking one tablet of Nature's Way Ashwagandha, from the health food store, to help relax.
Sleeping in the buff to stay cooler.
Hope these steps continue helping long-term.

Dad and I had a good breakfast this morning - hot Italian sausage, cheese and garlic omelettes and orange juice.  Haven't started seriously counting points for Weight Watchers yet.  Need to take the time to start taking that seriously.

Then we went over to Best Buy and bought a quality HDMI cable for our new TV.  Definitely made a big difference.  We also found out we need to start using our HD channels.  There is a huge difference between Channel 2 and Channel 702.  It took about ten tries, but I think dad is finally getting the difference.  He says he doesn't see much difference between regular and HD, so I guess he is not seeing things as well as I had thought.  Dad has cataracts - but they are not "ripe" enough yet to remove.  Very annoying.  When mom had hers removed, she suddenly could see everything so much better.  Finally, when we found NASCAR with all the names written in the scroll across the top, he was able to see how much better.  That really changed things for the better.

Well, this is my blog, so I'll tell the truth.  I'm out of control.  Feel stressed all the time.  Since I joined Weight Watcher's a few days ago, I have gone from 198 to 201.5.  Yep, I'm just plain out of control.  Went online to the library tonight and requested several Weight Watcher's cookbooks.   I need to start tracking my points and taking this seriously.  One of the gals, Bonnie, at the Chinese New Year's Dinner - has lost 27 pounds on Weight Watcher's - one pound each week.  I need to put my full focus on this to make it happen, because I just eat 24 hours a day now.  Just kind of a mindless, stressful, stuffing of goodies.  Yeah, I love junk food. 
Ready.... Set..... Go!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dad's Exercise Class

Dad is in the front row in the white sweatshirt.  He doesn't look too crooked here.  He can't do all the exercises any more, but he definitely does what he can and he loves being with the people.

At 4:15 pm, the Video Only delivery guys finally arrived and delivered our new TV.

At 4:30 off we went to the clubhouse for our Chinese New Year's dinner.  It was so delicious, catered by the Hong Kong Restaurant down the street.  Dad and I won $10 cash at the raffle after dinner.  We really had a lot of fun with everyone.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Joined Weight Watchers Online

Last night I joined Weight Watchers Online.  This feels like a really good time to enjoy getting back into a healthy shape.  Sort of been ignoring it, but I am really getting uncomfortable with this weight.  The numbers keep creeping up and definitely feel like I'm in dangerous territory.  Luigi says he'll help me run around the park and playing fetch.  Dad's mobility is really getting worse and it makes me realize I need to take my health more seriously.  Yesterday, he admitted he needs to start taking his cane everywhere with him, even walking into a restaurant.  His distances keep getting shorter and shorter.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

50" Panasonic Plasma TV

Our TV has completely stopped working in the Family Room and we immediately went out a bought a brand new 50" Panasonic Plasma TV.  They Deliver on Saturday!

Dad and I had dinner at IHOP.  Highly recommend the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches.

It's amazing that even without TV, we just seem to keep so busy.  Seems there really are never enough hours in the day.  We are blessed to have so many interests and good friends and family.

Nice lunch at the Elephant Bar in Hayward with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Still recuperating from their colds but definitely looking and sounding better.

I love Jennifer Hudson who was on Oprah today talking about Weight Watchers.  I went on the computer and joined Weight Watchers Online Program.  I wonder if I'll follow through.  Hope so.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Flower Essences - More Energy, Happiness and Confidence

Health-food stores and VitaCost.com under the brand names Bach and Flower Essences FES.
Two drops under tongue, four times a day.

Fall Asleep Faster with "white chestnut".
Quiets racing mind and nagging thoughts.  Relieves excessive anxiety.

Maximize Alertness with "morning glory".
Gets you going through those groggy mornings.

Creative Solutions with "iris".
Helps with writer's block and inspires solutions to problems when feeling stuck.  Frees up your imagination.

Stay Cool, Calm and Collected with "Bach Rescue Remedy".
Stop slight worry to a full-blown panic attack.  Treat shock or trauma in disaster situations.
I've used this one myself during crisis and it really did work.  My chiropractor had told me about it.

Feel Happier and Relieve Grieving with "borage".
Lifts spirits and gives you a brighter outlook.  Relieves depression.  
Use for grieving of lost loved ones.

Improve Concentration with "clematis".
Relieves hyperactivity and increases attention span.  Improves focus and awareness,helping to ground you.

Relieve Tension with "agrimony".
Relieve  stress and anxiety, particularly in folks who put on a happy face to mask their insecurity and worry.  hmmm  I should look into this one.  Used for more than 1,000 years for depression to stomach problems.  Loaded with healthy natural chemicals like tannins and flavonoids that help brain function

Swiss Wellness Secrets

Walk barefoot to activate your body's healing powers.
Ricola Natural Herb Cough Drops shrink sore throat tissues and alleviate bronchitis.
Swiss cheese improves mood and relieves anxiety.
Familia 100% Natural Swiss Muesli Cereal sold in most supermarkets with oats, fruit and nuts.
Apple a day.
Shower - end with cold burst of water.

Sleepless Nights

Rub earlobes using thumb and index finger (first finger) for 30 seconds, or until ears feel hot. 
Switch off all electronics.
Hot tea one hour before bedtime calms anxiety and stress and helps prevent nighttime wakening.
Sleeping in the buff keeps you cooler and slumbering all night enjoying uninterrupted, restful sleep.

What You Eat

Trade processed food for natural food.
Oats instead of Cheerios.
Baked potato instead of chips.
Fruit instead of candy.
Oilive Oil instead of margarine.
Green tea instead of soda.
Eat fish and plant-based foods.
Salmon, tuna, veggies.
Nuts, red wine and dark chocolate.

Reflectix - Shiny Side Out in the Summer and In In the Winter

I put up reflectix on my bedroom window last year, because I have a lot of heating and cooling issues in that room.  I didn't realize you should turn the reflectix in the summer and winter.  Although, really the hot westerly sun in the summer is a scorcher on that window, so most likely I will just keep the shiny side out.  Anything to keep things simple is my motto.

Comcast Cable is coming again today.  Our TV has completely stopped working.  All we get is the blue screen.

My poor dad is losing it and he's taking me with him.  He got a new paper-shredder the other day - and today I find he's been shredding papers that we need from our file cabinet - and throwing out the folders - and he does NOT remember doing it.  Somebody, please come take me away now.  He has promised to not go in the files any more - but, we know he will.  Every single day, he either moves something or throws something else away.  He can never admit it was him and usually says he does not remember.  I feel so helpless.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Story of Flight 93 Memorial

Luigi and I took dad to Union City to see The Flight of 93 Memorial from 9/11 - September 1, 2001.

It is so beautifully done and a real tribute to these brave people.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sleeping In The Dark

Of course, I am a bit of a gadget freak... er...  lover.   Turns out though, every gadget has so many bright lights that glow in the dark.  So many lights, it almost feels like daylight.  So, now I have been going around and covering up all these little lights that glow so brightly.  Hopefully, this will help with the quality of my sleep.  Luigi says these lights don't bother him at all.  He sleeps very well under the covers where it stays nice and dark.

Superbowl was a lot of fun today.  Good Game.  I made us a delicious omelette with hot Italian sausage, cheese and lots of garlic and pepisat.  mmmmm

Poor dad had such a bad tummy ache this morning.  Then he got a really bad case of diarrhea.  Fortunately, we finally remembered we had some pills in the closet.  After a few hours, he started feeling lots better.  Family Day is cancelled again tomorrow so Auntie Isabel can continue getting better.  Think we'll all just take it easy and relax tomorrow.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grrrrrr.... I want to travel

I am so itching to go travel.  One of my favorite blogs http://tosimplify.blogspot.com/ is back on the road again.  Makes me want to head right out the door and hit the road.  Meanwhile, I read every one's blog that are on the road.  Mean while, I do currently have the good life and I do appreciate it.  But one day.....   one day  .......

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Warm Weather Colds

Our weather is beautiful and now Auntie Isabel has caught Uncle Joe's bad cold.  Also, cousin Al has been rushed to the hospital with a very bad bacterial infection.  His fever hit 105.5.  Cousin Lyn feels she is getting sick and is getting herself in right away to be checked. 

Bev brought over a BBQ tape from 25 years ago with everybody on stage singing and sharing their talents.  Wish I could make a clip of dad singing "Tiny Bubbles".  He was a young, gorgeous Dean Martin looking guy back then.  He showed the tape to Bill and Bill didn't think he was looking at the same person.  Dad has gone from 5' 11" to 5' 4" currently, and he is so bent and crooked now.  And you can hear mom's laugh in the background through the whole tape.

I am getting an error message that is keeping me from posting pictures and I don't know what to do.  I'll come back and try again later.


Friday, February 4, 2011

San Jose Family RV Center

Luigi and I took a drive out to San Jose Family RV Center to have a look around.  It is pretty small with a few RVs and some Travel Trailers.  No one ever did come outside to greet us.  There were a couple of smaller RVs tucked in the back that we would have liked to peek into, but just as looky loo's, so not a big deal.  If I would have thought to bring the directions, we were already about half way to Grin's RV in San Martin.  We'll save that for another sunny day.  It's hard to believe the whole country is under snow and we don't even need a sweater, it is such perfect weather.  It's funny how I want to go traveling, yet there is probably no better place than right here.  No matter - I'm ready to go roam!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

All New Comcast

Wow!  Comcast was here almost four hours.  We got two brand new, never before used HD DVR boxes.  The Comcast guy helped me move my big TV/bookshelf console - I cleaned out all the shelves and cubbies first - wow - even got all the dust bunnies cleaned out behind it!  He went under the coach several times and replaced ALL the cabling.  Some of it was thirty years old from when Ron had hooked up the old "Black Box" for us.  He redid all the "splitters" we had everywhere.  Turns out technology has improved some in thirty years.  haha   He's pretty sure that's why the TV's  kept freezing up on us all the time.

No family day today.  Uncle Joe has caught a cold from Tommy.  Proud to say they are going to stay home for a few days, rest and get healthy.  Dad and I still have to get going early though, cuz the cleaning gals will be here at 8:30 am.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good Surgery

Dad is happy his surgery went well.   It was a little deep.  He has a few (about six or seven) stitches we need to tend to and he'll have them removed in a couple of weeks.   He came home and had three shots of liquor.  Medicinal purposes, you see. hehe

Comcast called and confirmed they will be here this afternoon.  We had delicious bacon and eggs for lunch.  The sun is shining.  I've been practicing with my latest camera.  First, I bought a Panasonic FH20, but it was too large and I returned it. 

Yesterday, I bought a Canon PowerShot SD3500IS.  It actually is rather large to fit comfortably in my pants pocket with my Virgin Mobile LG Rumor Touch Cell Phone.  Not sure if I will keep this or not.  I have 30 days to play with and decide.  First, I need to learn how to use it.  While Luigi and I were in the car waiting for dad this morning, I was practicing with the video.  That was pretty fun.  My little Casio has video, but this is HD.  Also, this camera has 5X optical zoom and panoramic.  Just wish the camera was smaller.  Might as well have fun with it while I am deciding.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Melanoma Again
Dad is doing good.  He went to the dermatologist today and they found another melanoma on his back.  This is about the fourth or fifth time.  They keep finding them on him.  They are going to surgically remove it tomorrow morning.  Comcast Cable is coming in the afternoon to bring us new DVR boxes.  Afternoon sounds like more fun than the morning. haha
Dad wanted to postpone the surgery, because Comcast was scheduled to come in the morning.  He is so funny.  I finally convinced him that we could do both.  Now he is happier