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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrate what you do right!

Glad that I have decided to go to Dr. Hightower.  I already feel better.  Also, I realize that I do have many things that I still need to make time for.  Need to see if my new software for Wild Divine actually works.  I installed it onto my computer, but never pulled out the hardware to see if it is working.  Need to learn how to use my Magellan eXplorist GC.  Bought it, and have never used it yet.  Need to sell several books on Amazon - including finish reading several more to be able to list.  I'm feeling more positive again.  I'm getting a little more space and I'm spending more time out of the house.  Both, very helpful.  Been going to the jacuzzi and pool every night this week.  Aaaahhhh.


All my chiropractor could talk about is how I am just too heavy (Fat) and all of the medical problems it is going to cause me, if I don't get serious and drop this extra weight.  So, I immediately went to Weinerschnitzel and had a relish dog (Angus beef).  Then, I went to Planet Fitness.  Enjoyed the massage chair for 15 minutes and then fooled around a little on the 30-minute circuit.  Somehow, losing weight has got to be fun for me.  I think I will work a bit with my self-hypnosis, and also use some of my Leslie Sansone exercise DVD's.  I think I will also try using my jump rope.

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