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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hope will always take you further than doubt.

Sure hope we have a nice, rainy weekend.  Can not believe how much it has rained this year.  For some reason, this year, I am really into it.  So, guess that makes this a great year for being rainy.  Just feel like curling up and cuddling inside.  The timing is definitely 'on the mark'!

Okay, Gary Tabke responded to my Facebook question.  He says that Uncle Al was in charge of a Mortar Unit and his discharge papers indicated he was nominated  - (and one other army buddy) for the Bronze Star and the rank of Sergeant.  Gary says that no one actually has Uncle Al's Bronze Star.

Gary Tabke commented on his Wall post.

Gary wrote: "Something you may not know about my Pappy: Because he was color-blind, they made him take point on patrols and when moving from one spot to another. Armed with a Thompson Machine Gun, he could differentiate the hidden snipers from the trees and machine-gun them. Their Captain was a coward and always ran to the rear when the fighting started."

Also, dad says that Uncle Tony was awarded the Purple Heart.

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