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Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Gateway Computer

Last night, about 7:30pm, UPS delivered my new Gateway Laptop from HSN.  Have been trying to get it set up and used to it.  I didn't realize it had the number keys - which I NEVER use.  Also, so far, my Navigation Keys - Home, Page Up, End, etc.  are not working correctly.  So, I'll have to figure it out.

Also, received my new battery for my old Casio camera.  Seems to be doing the trick!

Today, the Family had lunch at La Imperial Mexican Restaurant on "C" Street in Hayward.  Same famly-run restaurant for 40 years.  We love it.  Of course, poor Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel hated it.  Story of our lives!  lol 

Pretty hot day, but good breeze.  I'm kinda too hot to think right now though.  Time for another break - ha ha (aka - breaks ARE my Life!)  :-)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!  I just discovered I can use navigation keys on the "Numbers" pad and I LOVE it! 

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