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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

People like you make the world a better place!

Today dad goes to physical therapy.  We  can't take Luigi with us because we are going to Uncle Joe's.  Debbie gave Uncle Joe four large bags filled with cassettes and things from Auntie Dorothy.  We are going to help him go through everything.  Also, I'll bring the list that Jim gave us and see if they can help a bit with the family geneology.  I don't think we are going to get too much help.  We tried getting information from dad and Uncle Joe last year, and they really never cared enough to learn anything.  Auntie Mary seemed to know some, but, it's a bit late now.  But, we'll fill in what bits we can.

I'm feeling antsy.  Not good.  Need to stay very calm.  It's hard to explain.  My life is so much on hold.  Really have no room for my own life.  It I don't stay very still, things get very difficult.  It is hard to stay so closed off, but it really is 100% necessary.  It's important for me to find my own calm.  I miss not having a life.  A life that fills some of my own needs.  It's really everything for dad.  You know, even the best of times can be difficult.  I'm just trying to reach a balance.

I tried on all twenty of the tops from Auntie Dorothy.  None of them fit me.  I wear an odd size - XL Petite.  Yes, I am fat, but I am still small boned with small shoulders and short arms.  I wonder when I am going to take this losing weight seriously.  It is important.  Sure, don't want to lose and gain though.  Would like to find some natural way so I can just go back to being normal size.

Nothing of the tapes or cassettes were wanted either by the family.  So, we piled up bags and bags and took "Everything" to the Salvation Army.  Hopefully, everything will get a good home.

Also, no one was interested in the geneology.  Kinda suspected that.  That's okay.  Let's just enjoy today.

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