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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Newspaper - 5 Brothers in Uniform

Mothers' Day - SHE'S PROUD - Proudly, Mrs. Lizzie Magorno, right; aided by her daughter Dorothy, displays pictures of five sons in Uncle Sam's Services. 

Fighting Family - Mrs. Lizzie Magorno, a widow living at 674 5th Street, Oakland, CA, has four sons in the army, one in the navy. The pictures she and daughter Dorothy hold are, left to right, Tony, 33, wounded in the North African campaign, who has been in a hospital in England; Al, 23, now somewhere in the Southwest Pacific, Ray, 19, the youngest son, a navy cook; Joseph, 21, stationed with army at Half moon Bay; Mike, 28, an army sergeant now on duty in the Aleutians. - Post Enquirer photo - 1943.

Willie died at 17 - caught in heavy machinery at work!  Uncle Pete was older and did not serve because by law, they had to make sure that at least one son was saved, and not killed in the war.  He continued to work and help support the family.  As I understand, All the sons sent money home to help the family financially.

Uncle Tony was all shot up and had a lot of shrapnel and spent a year or two recovering in a hospital in England - only to come safely home - and driving over railroad tracks - was hit and killed by a train!

Cousin, Gary Tabke, says that Uncle Al was awarded the Bronze Star!

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