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Thursday, May 26, 2011

PCPitstop.com and Support.microsoft.com/fixit

These are two websites I want to remember, so that in the future I have a reference to get help for computer problems that come up.  This is probably my favorite part of having my very own blog, is that I have someplace to keep notes on things I want to remember.

Had fun at Uncle Joe's today.  Then we all went for lunch at In-n-Out Burgers.

Dad and I ran over to Lowe's and swapped light bulbs for the bathroom.  Bill tried to help us, but turns out we need new "breakers", which are apparently different for mobile homes.

Went to Lucky's and did some grocery shopping.

Yes, it appears I have another computer virus.  I waited to chat for one full hour with Norton last night, and gave up.  They must only have one person working there.  They started by saying I was number three in the queue.  By midnight, I said Forget About It.  Tonight, I received an email from my bank saying there is suspicious behavior on my account!  Here we go again!

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