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Thursday, August 25, 2011

You're better than good enough. You're great!

Sadie and Luigi were so much fun together yesterday.  We had Sadie here all day.  Lots of company and and lots of laughs.  Of course, I was very happy to relax after she had gone home.  You have to watch them every second to avoid "accidents".  lol

This afternoon dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Hometown Buffet at Southland for lunch.  All four of us really enjoy this restaurant. 

Yesterday, I went to Starbucks with my new cell phone to watch the Starbucks video of Barbra Streisand.  Spent one hour trying to create a Starbucks account on my cell phone.  This morning I will go on my computer and see if I can get it created and hopefully, tomorrow, go back to Starbucks and try again.  Just something fun to do.  (What an exciting life I have these days!)

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