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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Every day is filled with small miracles.

Saturday Skip, Cheri, dad and I went to Pleasanton to Uncle Joe's and Auntie Isabel's.  Of course, we had drinks and fun foods to eat.  Then off we went to Livermore at The Carvery at Harry's Hofbrau.  Wish I had the words for how much fun we had.  I did take a couple of pictures.

We came home and took our two-hour naps.  Then had fun, nibbling and working with the computers.  About a year or more ago, I bought a scanner and scanned all 800 pictures from our photo albums.  Now we have the pictures in all of our laptop computers and on SD cards.  Also, Cheri taught me how to crop and edit the pictures so that we can display them on slideshow either on the computer or an electronic picture frame.

I always forget that Federal Express will not deliver to my post office box.  So Tuesday I will drive into San Leandro, and pick-up my new cell phone directly from the Federal Express office. 

Sure going to miss Skip and Cheri.  They are going back to Barstow 9:00am Sunday morning.

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