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Monday, August 29, 2011

Challenges make you smarter and stronger.

Saturday night, I placed a screen protector on my new cell phone.  It needed 24 hours to dry.  Sunday night, I tried it.  It was so thick, I could barely see my screen.  Removed the screen protector.  The entire screen now has a completely stickiness.  Googled an answer.  Recommended "Goof Off Miracle Remover".  Called Walgreens.  Yes, we have it.  It was about 9:00pm.  Ran straight to Walgreens.  The do NOT have it.  Can you believe that I am still boiling about this at 8:00am Monday morning.  I'm a nut case.  Why not just tell me no in the first place.  Why tell me yes.  I must be extremely hormonal right now.  Why else would something so teensy set me off so highly.  Good thing I'm not a guy.  I would probably put my fist through a wall out of frustration.  This is totally irrational.  Yea, yea, I know.  Exercise and Release Frustration.  yea yea..... nooooooooo.  hehe  don't forget, I am lazy.  Frustration and lazy - not a good combination.  I'll call a few more stores this morning.  If no one carries it, I have found it on Amazon, but it would take a few days to get here.  I think I'm more concerned that it may not actually work.  I just want to play with my new cell phone, but it is so sticky, there is no way.  That's probably the part that is making me craziest.  I think this may all come from me being way too spoiled.  I did to settle down and grow up.  uhh, no.  That is a lot like exercise right??  Oh gosh, I'm an out of control nut case today.  I feel hormonally waaayyyyy out of balance.  Good luck to me.  Smile.

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