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Friday, August 5, 2011

It's always a good time to dream a new dream!

Had a really good visit with Skipper.  He left early at 8:30am.  Dad went to exercise.  I did a little running around.  Mostly quiet day.  I was reading up on cell phones.  I want to stay with Virgin Mobile for now.  I have gone online and ordered the "LG Optimas V".   Really excited about getting to play with "apps".  Especially, want to use an app for Geocaching.  Also, want to be able to take and download pictures from the camera.  For right now, it should be a lot of fun and amusing.  Really, just something to keep me busy.  Really, I have tons of things to do, but...  I do LOVE gadgets.  lol  Yea!  So, I'm really, really excited.  New Toy!

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