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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hope works.

Last night I went for my nightly jacuzzi and swim and cleared my head.  I got home just before the phones closed for Virgin Mobile.  We got my Rumor Touch turned back on.  The Replacement Department was already closed for the night.  First thing this morning, I called back, and we have arranged for a replacement for the LG Optimus V.  I took 1/2 xanax last night to calm down and I slept through the whole night.  I love that.  Usually, I am up most of the night.  I'm so glad that I called them back.  I was upset because the last operator I had talked to, said he was referring my call to "Headquarters" and they might not call back for three days.  He left me with NO  phone at all.  Pretty silly.  I was so upset, I couldn't think clearly at first.  During my swim, I calmed down, and realized I needed to call Them back and Tell Them what "I" wanted.  Things went so smoothly from there.  I usallly live so quietly inside of myself, no one ever knows "My" wants or needs.  Wish I could speak up.  People often can help you, if they just know what you are thinking.

Today, Uncle Joe has two doctor visits with the Veterans in Livermore.  This afternoon, dad and I will meet Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Shari's Restaurant in Livermore for lunch.  Should be a fun day.

Oh, yes!  The Best part of yesterday,  I went to the movies while Luigi was getting groomed.  Saw "Glee" in 3D.  Love this.  It was a music concert.  Of course, I cried like a baby when the gal was singing Barbra Streisand songs, and they said that Barbra was actually at the concert. 

The regular gal did not show up to groom Luigi.  Late last night, when my phone got turned back on, there was a message telling me to reschedule Luigi's appointment.  Thankfully, because I had no phone connection - and there was no one there, because I actually dropped off Luigi a little early - another guy did groom Luigi.  Both dad and I liked the cut better.  We'll ask for this guy, Ethan, and hopefully he will be available next time.  You never really know.

Luigi gets better and better every day.  He is no longer running out to the street barking and biting as people walk by.  This is so much better.  Even when people come to the house.  He gets excited, but he is not biting them.  I am SO HAPPY!
He has even let a few people pet him recently.  This is brand new.  They are only getting about one pet in, but he patiently lets them do it - then he leaves.  Every day - better and better.  SMILE!

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