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Sunday, August 28, 2011


Went to the health food store yesterday and bought a glass jar and organic seeds to make sprouts.  Have been online reading websites like "30 Bananas a Day"; SeedsofSustainability.org; EcoVillages; InterdependentProject.org; Raw-Food-Freedom.net; GreenFireFoundation.org.

Reading about sprouting, without having to rinse. 
1.  Soak 1 to 2 tbsp. seeds in wide mouth glass jar for 8 hours
2.  Rinse
3.  Drain
4.  Bag sprouts in poplin/or muslin - or similar material bag for 2 days
Pour sprouts into pillow case to get rid of extra moisture.
From pillow case, pour sprouts into muslin or poplin bag (SeedsofSustainability.org community network)
Pull top of bag somewhat tightly around seeds.
Use large twist-tie.
Twine or hemp string. Tie simple double knot - (like tying a shoe).
Every few inches on remaining material, loop string around and through itself, to hold up top of bag.
Place plastic bag with holes (greenhouse) - over cloth bag.
If in an area, with a lot of air flow - leave damper
Less air flow - leave on dryer side
If sprouts too dry - use less holes and smaller holes.
If sprouts mildew or sour - use larger holes (give it more air flow).
Hang bag anywhere - in a hole in the ground; in a closet, bedroom, bus-van, boat, car, laundry-room, etc.

Also, reading Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D., "The Vegan Chef Cook/Rawbook:
C H E F  - Cheap - Healthy - Easy - Fat Free
Ruth is a world-famous Ironman triathlete, winner of more than nearly 1,000 race trophies.  This e-book was written when she was 74.

Went back to Starbucks, and was able to watch the whole 25-minute Barbra Streisand video.  Beautiful!  That can keep me happy for a Very Long Time!

Saturday, dad, Luigi and I went to the dog park.  One of our best visits.  Lots of fun people and fun dogs.

This morning we are going to see the new Woody Allen movie, "Midnight in Paris".

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