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Friday, August 19, 2011

You deserve every happiness there is.

We are going to lunch at Acapulco's Mexican Restaurant in Alameda today with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  We are having lunch with Nick and Louise.

Guess What!  Acapulco's is closed.  Permanently.  It has been sold.

First, dad thought we were going to Nick and Louise's first.  We spent an extra hour traveling.  Pulled up to their house.  Drove off.  Went to Acapulco's.  Then had to find another place to eat.  Ate at Applebee's at the mall in Alameda.  Had a fun time, but everyone was exhausted.  Lots of confusion.  Finally, made it over to Nick and Louise's.  Nick danced, cried and is basically losing it big time.  Of course, we all had a good time.  But, we were all so tired.

Finally made it home.  Dad and I ran to Walgreen's and picked up his new Valium prescription to help him sleep every other night that he does not take his sleeping pill.

Good News!  My Replacement Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Has Arrived!  I called and Activated it.  I am waiting patiently for four hours while it sets itself.  I hate waiting.  Am trying to keep myself busy.

Bill and Sadie are here.  VERY LOUD!  Oiy!

Think I will run down to the jacuzzi and relax a bit.

So glad that I have my blog.

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