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Monday, August 20, 2012

You've got what it takes.

This is a great creed that was posted today on Tioga George's blog.

My Creed
I Don't Run Away From My Dreams
Because of my fears of what "might" happen.
I have faith that, no matter what
Fate brings me, I shall overcome.
1 July 2003

Thanks George.  Every day I read your blog, and believe in my heart that some day my dreams will come true too.  As for today, my duty is to take care of my dad.  I wish he were able to get out and do things and go places, but he says he is not.  I honestly believe he would be a little bit more, if he had someone else in his life.  With me, he just wants us to stay home.  I keep myself mentally active, but tick tock - 6 years have passed already, and here I still am, quietly behaving myself in my room.  This is my life.  It is peaceful.  I am blessed and count my blessings each day.  But, naturally I yearn for so much more.

Today dad and I are going to Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel's before going out to lunch.  Then we all went to In~n~Out for lunch.  The other day we ended up going to Denny's instead, because In~n~Out was just way too busy.  So, is it me, or is my family falling apart?  No one can remember anything anymore.  Dad seems to be the worse, but probably because I spend more time with him.  We watch a rerun of a TV show that we saw 3 weeks ago - he says he has absolutely no memory of it.  We receive a cane, that we saw a video of on the computer a week ago - he says he has absolutely no memory of it.  He is losing all of his strength.  He can't open a jar, or a box of cereal anymore.  In the mornings, it takes him a full hour of working his bad right leg, so that he can walk on it.  Is it wrong of me to be getting scared by these things?  I know that I am supposed to be there for him, but I have to be honest - I just want to run away.  I wish I were a stronger person, but I just want Happy.  I can't take care of him, and I probably can't take care of myself when the day comes.  I just want to be a light, happy little fairy flitting from one happy place to the next.  Sounds flaky.  Yes, yes, that is me.  Flaky.  This real world stuff is not on my agenda.  Yuck, yuck, sputter, sputter.  I might start taking the xanax again.  I don't like to cope.  Good luck cruel world, I'm going back into my little dreamland.  Aaaahhhhhhhh.  Happy Again.  Oops, dad's calling me.  Gotta go.  Back to the real world.  Ah, well,  it was fun to dream.

Today our beloved Phyllis Diller passed away at the age of 95.  Her humor always has me laughing out loud.  You are one amazing gal!

Carol-Channing-Rip-Taylor-and-More-Remember-Phyllis-Diller-20120820 As BroadwayWorld previously reported, comedian and Broadway veteran Phyllis Diller passed away this morning in her Los Angeles home. She was 95 years old. Some of Diller's friends & colleagues remember the funny lady with official statements below:
"I adored her she was a wondrous spirit who was great to me." - Barbra Streisand
"One of the funniest women in the world, but she also had a great talent for being wonderful person. I loved her dearly and were good friends. I will miss her." - Rose Marie
"She was responsible for getting me one of my first jobs. I loved her and I will miss her tremendously, as will the whole world." - Rip Taylor
"She was one of a kind. A brillant talent and an extremely supportive friend, when you needed one. When I had the accident that broke my leg a couple of years ago, hers was the first voice that managed to reach me by phone at the hospital. She was also the first note I received, written on a piece of paper it said ... 'Money's scarce. Times are hard. Here's your F***ing get well card - Phyllis.' She knew how to lift your spirits. I loved her and we will all miss her."—Carol Channing

Phyllis offered this advice when someone's mom died, "don't do gloom".  Great Advice!

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