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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fresh starts and new beginnings.

Very positive day.  Installed new water filter in kitchen.  The water tastes delicious.  Had a Starbucks carmel frappacino and after 2:00pm for $2 tried the Very Berry Hibiscus iced drink.  Loved it.  Went to Garin Park and washed and waxed my entire car.  Beautiful.  Watched the DVD from the Library "Paul" with dad this afternoon.  Quirky.  Funny.  Last night went online and ordered wire cubes for my closet to ripen fruit.  That should be pretty fun.  Received my bar of MSM soap.  Can't wait to try it.  It's supposed to really help my complexion and make my skin feel soft.  Cuddling with Luigi.  Now I'm going to go listen to tonights audio on the computer about eating raw fruits.  There will be a total of 27 speakers throughout this month.  So far, I have loved every interview.  Also, have been enjoying YouTube videos by lots of people about eating raw fruits.  I have three ripened bananas ready for me to eat now.  But, I am sure I will eat that buttered popcorn across the room from me.  lol

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