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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

See yourself as you truly are: amazing!

Everywhere I go online, there are So Many people who have websites and YouTube Videos who are not only doing well, but winning Marathons and everything else they do on a Raw Fruit/Food Diet.  It's not a diet - it's a LifeStyle.  They are Excelling!  And each one goes about it in their own way.  Some eat all bananas, some eat no bananas.  Juicing, blending, varying on how much greens they do and do not use.  So far, the ones that do best, are the absolute simplest - which I Like!  I Love Simple!  The Social aspect seems to be the trickiest part.  Eating out and eating with others.  I may not be able to start 100% raw, but today I am going to start seriously increasing my fruit intake and see where it takes me.  Can I do it?  I have no idea.  Learning where and how to get ripe fruits will be my new project!  Go Fruit!

Oops!  Dad and I went out for Chinese food for lunch today.  Then I had two bowls of Spicy Nachos with Pace Picante.  And popped a large bowl of popcorn and added butter and parmesian.  I did eat some watermelon.  Dad and I went to Dale's hardware and got a metal part for the new water filter and had Bill Mack help install it.  Yes - I had stripped the threads on the plastic piece that it came with.  I'm giving myself an "E" for Effort.  I'm just totally "UNhandy".  It's working great now.

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