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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You're the best kind of wonderful.

Dad and I had lunch today with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel here in Hayward on Whipple Road by Target at Taqueria Los Portales No. 2.  Everyone loved it and we had so much fun today.  This afternoon I ran to Walgreens and bought regular milk and lactase tablets for dad.  He has been having explosive diarrhea with the real milk, and constipation without the milk, so I'm hoping we can kind of regulate it a little.  This new lactose-free milk, so far, just keeps him constipated.  No fun.  He is doing pretty well right now I think.  Hasn't said anything about having extra troubles getting out of bed in the morning.  Great News!  Skipper and Cheri are arriving late tonight and are staying through Wednesday.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!  Haha on me.  I've started putting the Apple Cider Vinegar on my moles to remove them, but - I forgot that you have to "scratch" them first.  This opens them up - and stings like crazy - and is how the process works.  So, I may hold off until Skipper and Cheri leave, and start again then.  Not quite sure yet.

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