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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Each new day comes with small joys just waiting to be noticed.

We are taking dad to his appointment with Dr. Rhee today to renew his prescriptions for his back.  Funny thing is, he has been worried about taking too many pain pills, which has been about only one a day, and now sometimes less, and he can't understand why he is having so much more pain.  lol  haha I give up.  Getting old sucks.  You can't think straight.  But, he really is trying.  I'm hoping that today we can get him all of the "NON-generic medications" for him.  The generics just are not working for him.  I'm sure if he could get a good nights sleep again, he would feel so much better.  Me too.  None of his pills work for me at all.  I do Terrible on pills.  I will certainly get the side-effects, but never the benefits.  I think everything is going to be better when he gets his new pills.   Yeaaaaaaa!

Great doctor visit.  Appointment 12:40pm  Arrived 12:10pm  Finished 12:29pm  hehe  Prescribed ALL Brand Name Prescriptions.  Yeaaaaaaa  Later we had a bit to eat at Jack-in-the-Box and took Luigi across the street to the park.  Nice day.  Picked up cable ties and hope to put together my new wire cubes late tonight.

Tonight listened to Grant Campbell, Natural Hygiene Barefoot Ultra Marathoner from Australia.  Website:  www.rawreference.com and www.rawnaturalhygiene.ning.com and www.facebook.com/rawhealthretreats and www.facebook.com/rawaussieathlete .  He had good information, but he was a little bit dry to listen to.  Every night, people call in with the same question/problem I have - when we go and buy the fruits and vegetables - they taste like cardboard.  I keep hearing "Go to Thailand".  Their fruit is amazing.  Very cute - but not the most practical answer.  No one really has a great answer.  Just to search and do your best.  Frustrating.  This is the same problem that continually stops me.  I have been interested in this diet for more than forty years, but we do not have access to the best-tasting fruits and vegetables.  I waste so much money buying it - and take one bite and throwing it out.  You pretty much need to grow your own so that you can eat it fresh.

Put together some of my cubes tonight using the cable ties.  Pretty fun.  I might not need the second package.  Going to take a bunch of stuff that has been tucked in the closet, not being used, to Salvation Army tomorrow.  Might as well let someone else enjoy it since I'm not using any of it right now.  I never have enough space in this bedroom.  Very curious what will happen when I start living in a Class B Van.  lol  Every time I throw something out, it immediately gets replaced with more.  It's fun, but chaotic.  I want to live in a fraction of the space, but have five times more space.  hmmmm  Oh well, everything is perfect for today.  Smile!

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