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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Keep your eyes on the prize.

This morning dad and I are going to the movies and see "The Watch".  It's a comedy with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill.  Poor dad.  I do feel bad.  I am way too short tempered with him.  I get frustrated, and angry and wanting to get on with moving on with my life, and he gets the brunt of my frustrations.  I really do try so hard to appreciate these times.  Life will never be as simple and carefree as they are right now.  I am protected, but I am not free.  When I am free, I will not be protected.  Protected is probably better, but it is still so frustrating.  I want to be liberated.  Just feeling restless I guess.  So, today I went online and ordered a "whiffer".  It is like a wooden pendant on a cord string that hangs around your neck.  It opens up and has a wick that you put essential oil on.  I know.  Kinda kooky.  But kinda fun.  You get extra wicks and change the essential oil to fit your mood.  The first oil I have ordered is Rose Oil.    The pendant that I got from Amazon.com is:  AromaPendants - Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendants - Whiffer  -  The description is pretty cool: 

Important Information

To open the pendant, unscrew the top, remove the wick and add a few drops of your desired essential oil or blend. Replace the wick in the vial and screw the top clock-wise onto the pendant to close. The aroma from this diffuser will last several days. Refresh the oil as needed. To clean the inside, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol cleaner. You can save slightly-used sticks with its own particular oil scent on it in its own plastic baggie for in-between use of other oils.

Product Description

Color: Tulipwood Whiffer

Tulipwood (dalbergia frutescens) is part of the rosewood family. This Brazilian heartwood is a beautiful wood grain of pink-yellow with a pronounced striped figure in varying shades of Salmon pink and rose red. The grain is straight but more often irregular, with a fine texture. It carries with it many of the traits of other rosewoods, with a few unique traits as well. A very powerful feminine energy radiates from this wood. Tulipwood carries a creative energy, very strong to attract affluence and wealth. Resonates with creativity, intuition and beauty. It would be extraordinary if used in moon magic, and anything having to do with creativity, intuitions, and beauty, and natural cycles. This would be an excellent wood for divination. The primary element of this wood is water. Water usually brings with it a calm and peaceful effect. However, the energy of this wood contains the full spectrum of water energy, both peaceful and destructive. It is as though the very energy of the Goddess rests within the wood; beautiful and serene, yet powerful and proud. One of the most powerful woods we have ever encountered, with a very diverse and potent energy. Use for anything having to do with creativity, intuition, beauty, natural cycles, positive energy attracting affluence and wealth. Each Whiffer pendant comes ready to go with an absorbent cotton stick inside, ready for 3 or 4 drops of your favorite essential oil for the day! (essential oil not included with pendant). You can then save a slightly-used stick with its own particular oil scent on it in its own plastic baggie in between uses! Wood Source: Brazil

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