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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Life brings possibilities.

Dad and I took Luigi to PetSmart at Bayfair for his grooming with Ethan.  Luigi is so cute.  We bought dad a suction cup handrail for my shower.  He is going to start showering in my shower now.  My shower is much larger than his and has mom's seat/stool that she used.  Dad fell twice yesterday.  Once when he was getting out of the office chair on our parque flooring.  The wheels moved right out from under him.  He was all alone.  Bill and Sadie had just gone home and I was in my room.  He didn't call for help and eventually got himself to the carpeting and used the recliner to help him up.  Then when he took his shower this morning everything went wrong and he couldn't really shower and couldn't stand, etc. etc. etc.  So, we are going to take this one step at a time, and see if we can make things better for him around here.  At first he fought me every step of the way, but I finally explained to him that if/when he falls and really hurts himself, he could end up in a nursing home.  I will do all that I can so that he can stay living here at home, but if he becomes invalid, I really cannot do it.  I finally got through to him, and he started helping in thinking of creative ways to keep him safe.  We like to laugh and joke, but this is a bit serious if something bad really happens.  Bill fixed the back gate for dad this morning.  It has been dragging on the ground.  Bill took it off, ground off the bottom, put in longer bolts.  It is really working great.  Also, we had a great lunch at La Imperial Mexican Restaurant on "C" Street here in Hayward.  Wow!  They've got the best food!

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