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Thursday, August 9, 2012

You're awesome!

Cleaning ladies coming this morning.  Dad and I will go to the dining room at the clubhouse.  Auntie Isabel has a doctor's appointment at 12:30pm today for her bladder, so we will go for lunch tomorrow.  Today, we will go visit Rose Lopes and Joan Benson at the nursing home.  I have been all over the internet reading about eating a fruit-based diet.  Right now I have been watching Michael Arnstein on his The Fruitarian Channel on YouTube.  Currently he has 83 short videos.  Starting from the end, going  forward, I have watched about 15.  Healthwise - Very Exciting.  I am loving it.  It would definitely be easier if you lived with other supportive people who were interesting in this lifestyle.  Eating is such a social behavior.  Trying to wrap my head around how you would do this, without alienating friends and family.  You literally can not go to most restaurants and request fresh fruits and vegetables.  Interesting, huh?!

Dad and I had lunch at Wendy's in Castro Valley.  Nice day.

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