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Friday, June 15, 2012

You have the power to make positive changes.

Another wonderful summer day.  Dad went to exercise and then out for hot dogs and a drive with Bill Mack, as he often does after exercise class.  I took half a xanax to sleep last night, and have felt kinda sleepy/lazy all day.  I really can't take much of anything, my body just really can't handle it.  Then I had delicious popcorn with butter and parmesian cheese.  Went to Best Buy.  Then to Kraski's Health Food Store and bought Irwin Naturals Power to Sleep PM.  Hope to try it tonight.  Called Virgin Mobile again.  Yesterday, had them help me get my Google Contacts into new HTC Evo V 4G cell phone.  Today, they helped me turn off all the Notification Sounds.  Turns out, on this phone, you have to turn each one off separately.  Called Clarks Pest Control to update Visa account number.  Had dad call the Daily Review.  It was our annual auto-renew, and they charged him $36 instead of $23.  We finally settled on $26 for this year.  Now I am fussing with the 32gb SD Card.  Want to transfer all my Kindle books from 16gb SD Card.  Want to do it with an SD Card adapter.  Virgin Mobile says I don't have to format the carn card.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm   We'll see.  Received 5 packages from the post office today.  Hopefully, that is about everything that I have ordered.  Also, working on some other little projects.  Just a very busy, very pleasant day.

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