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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All you need to succeed is you!

Went over to www.HealthandYoga.com and ordered online their stainless steel enema can kit with silicone hose.  Yep, I keep reading how dog gone healthy it is to do regular enemas.  Seems that Ann Wigmore gave herself three enemas a day and ate just a bit of energy soup each day and "chewed" each mouthful 50 times.  She helped thousands of people heal from incurable diseases.  Even cancer.  Rest in Peace Nora Ephron (Leukemia) and Don Grady  (Cancer) from "My Three Sons". 

Now, actually I am a Great Big Baby, and have never once had an enema.  But, right now, I am fat, and miserable, and not myself, and I   R E A L L Y  want to start feeling inside a healthy, fit body again.  Until the day I reached 40, I never weighed more than 108.  At 60, my weight is Out of Control.  BUT!  I am going to take control.  Somehow.  Someway.   Oh sure.  Today, I had a nice Large Piece from Lucky's of German Chocolate Cake.  Wow!  That was Great!  lol   Don't beat yourself up.  Enjoy Yourself! 

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mttrailboss said...

Funny blog and cute.. Your just fine, just the way you are.