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Friday, June 22, 2012

Let your inner GPS map a new way to your dreams!

Today I bought three new large glasses.  All different.  Trying to find something that I really enjoy using.  Also, bought avacados.  Cheri texted me how to make easy guacamole.  Smash avacado.  Add garlic salt, cayenne pepper and a little mayonnaise.  It turned out Delicious!  Ran over to Fry's Electronics and picked up two Android magazines.  Would like to become better versed on using my new Virgin Mobile htc Evo V 4G cell phone.  Of course, also grabbed a hagen das ice cream bar and some peppered beef jerkey.  lol  Such a nice day.  I am just appreciating every single day.  This is my life and I am enjoying it.  This is the best time of my life.  Certainly the easiest.  I don't want to take that for granted.  Dad and I are both healthy and happy.  That is a very cool thing.  A great thing.  All the comforts of home, with none of the worries.  I want to be mindful of being greatful.  I feel restless, but I am lazy.  I need to embrace the lazy.  lol 

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