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Monday, April 18, 2011

You're easy to like!

Yeaaaa!  Bill brought us a watermelon this morning!  I love watermelon.  Carol bought it at some produce cart.  Bill is going to find out where and when the cart is available.  Dad and I had watermelon for breakfast!  It is one delicious watermelon.

At 1:00pm we meet Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at In~n~Out Burgers in Pleasanton.  So, we know we are going to have a fun afternoon.

Bill made us feel better, by saying Karen should not have tried to pet Luigi while we were in our car.  To be honest, Luigi doesn't really like to be petted at all.  I know it sounds odd, but he doesn't like to be petted.  Even if he is laying on my lap, if I reach and stroke him, he jumps off immediately.  He likes to play.  He likes to sit quietly on or beside you, but he does not like to be petted.  It's just who he is.  But, he is a lot of fun and likes to entertain you!

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