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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy endings happen all the time!

Bill joined us for lunch today at Coco's Restaurant.  I took some pictures after lunch and then Bill had to leave.  Finally, when the family was leaving, a nice lady at a nearby table offered to take a picture of the four of us.  As I called for Uncle Joe to come back for one more picture - the woman suddenly recognized the family.  They all knew each other from growing up and dinner dances at Columbo Club and her dad had actually wanted to marry Auntie Dorothy!  Her dad is now 90 years old and he still has a picture of Auntie Dorothy on his wall!  It was a fun reunion. 

At 3:30pm I called about my car.  The mechanic thinks it "might" be my air conditioner and if it is, it will cost about $700.00.  Will I get my car back before next week?  I'm not optimistic.  It's not fair to expect one person - on two crutches - to handle all the cars he has to work on.  Next time, I will go somewhere else.  It's no surprise - I Want My Car!

LindaRae's surgery went well yesterday. The doctor said that everything went as expected and the results should be good. We are hoping for a speedy recovery after a few more days in the hospital and some rehab after that. The procedure called for a rod to be placed from T9 to L2, which seems like a lot considering that is 6 vertebrae, but doctor says it will not limit her range of motion and that is what we are hoping. She will be in hospital another 2-4 days, then to rehab or home or some combination to complete the antibiotic regimen that began a while ago.

LindaRae is back in surgery.  A screw was affecting a nerve.  Some nightmares continue a little longer.

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