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Monday, September 10, 2012

What you want is within your reach.

Sunday I got so much rest, that I am Wide Awake tonight.  Mostly enjoying Facebook and YouTube Videos about raw fruit.  I washed my new green containers tonight so that I can freeze bananas and make banana ice cream and banana smoothies.  Last night, ordered online hooks to hang bunches of bananas from my new wire storage cubes. 

11:00pm  Can you believe that I already received the hooks that I ordered on Amazon!  And they are Perfect!  Had a great day today.  Dad and I spent the afternoon at Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabels.  Then we all went out for lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.  Tonight dad and I went to a CERT's meeting from 6:00 to 9:30pm.  It is for five Monday nights.  They teach you what to do during a disaster like a major earthquake.  Great class.

Just want to note that today mom has been gone for six whole years.  Lots of mixed emotions in that statement.  September 5th marked two whole years already that Auntie Dorothy has been gone.  Do I miss them more because I have no life, or would I miss them this much even if I had a life.  I guess you can't help missing people that are such a big part of your life.  As for me, it seems like time just stands still for me right now.  I need to shake this sad feeling, but dad keeps having bad days with his mobility, and I am scared of what is to come next for us.  I feel trapped.  But I want to be there for him.  Rock - hard place.  Rock - hard place.  haha  Mmmmm..... I like rocks.  Smile.

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mttrailboss said...

Hi Linda E.., everyday, your blog and just being you, brings a smile to my face. I am starting, because of you, looking and understanding your diets and raw food. Your doing a great job, including taking care of dad. Mike P.S.: For fun, look up on Facebook 'Michael Sean O'Brien' and become family and friends again. Love ya.. Mike Lot's of photos' coming soon..