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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The real you is amazing!

Uncle Joe has his physical therapy at the Veterans in Livermore this morning, so we decided not to meet for Family Lunch today.  Dad really wants to see the doctor at 2:00pm about his leg and having so much difficulty walking since he took that fall Monday night.  This is kinda scary stuff. 

Alma next door, did break her hip in her fall yesterday.  They are going to operate on her this morning. 

Last night Bill came over.  Turns out dads crutches cannot be made any smaller.  He has shrunk from 5'11" to 5'3".  Plus he bends over crooked to the right, about half his size.  They are going to the shed this morning to find a smaller set of crutches.  He really needs to use his walker, but he does love making things difficult on himself.  lol  This is the "short version" of frustration of working with this guy.  I think everything hurts his back, poor guy.

Last night we had fun.  Bill put up the little two-man tent in our family room, that we just won at CERTS Monday night.  It's actually a really nice little tent.  Makes you want to run and take a quick camping overnight under the stars. 

The doctor said dad may have an aggravated nerve and to take it easy for two weeks.  If he is still having a lot of trouble, the doctor will send him to the physical therapist.  Kaiser also gave both dad and I our flu shots right in the office. 

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