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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WEIGHTS & MEASURES  510-268-7343

Alameda County Weights & Measures - 510-268-7343
How often do you go to a store with one advertised price - and they ring you up at the register at a Higher Price?  Yes - it happens All The Time!  I get so frustrated, because they honestly just do not care.  Good News!  Now I have an official telephone number and department to report this.  And believe me, I have the time right now, I am going to.  lol  Fun Fun Fun  Now, if I could figure out the best way to deal with all the BAD produce I buy, and don't discover it is bad until I get home - watermelon, apples, avacados and more!  I want to eat produce so much - but finding decent produce has become almost impossible. 

Last night I gently scratched with an emery board a mole and soaked a small piece of cotton with Apple Cider Vinegar to the small mole on my arm.  Surrounded the outer edge with vaseline and placed paper tape to hold the cotton ball all night.  I have several small moles and understand that I can remove them.  This is a fun experiment.

Dad and I are going to the clubhouse today for the 4th of July BBQ.

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estefana831 said...

If you have a Costco near you they are really good about taking fruit back if it is not good. I do it all the time!!!! Check out my blog if you have a chance and leave feedback, I am new to this blogging thing but have a cause.