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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Start Each Morning for Maximum Brain Power

How to Start each Morning?

1. 2 Glasses of water: The brain needs plenty of water to function properly, if a person is even a little dehydrated the brain can slow down. Think of this way, without enough water in the radiator of a car, the water cannot even flow. The goal here to saturate the body with enough water to allow the blood, plasma, and other fluids to move to the brain easy. The blood is how the brain brings sugar, oxygen and other nutrients needed to start the day.
2. Small Sugar Rush: This is the energy fuel of the brain, if you start out the day with some simple sugars, hopefully natural foods like raisins, apples, or oranges your brain will have a headstart. Sugars is addictive, so take great care in your sugar consumption, too much sugar in the morning and you will be crazing food all day.
3. 10 Deep Knee Bend Exercises: Do deep knee bends, this will force oxygenate blood to enter the brain. This is almost the only exercise you can do in any room on the planet.
4. Oxygen, the brain needs plenty of oxygen or brain cells will die, in number three you are to exercise, the more exercise the more it pumps oxygen into your brain.
5. Exercise the Brain: Creating or inventing is exercise for the brain, for example, if you make a long todo list in the morning, if you brainstorm it challenges the brain to work. While watching the TV, listening to music is just soothing the brain, not challenging the brain.
6. Vitamin B: Vitamin B can give your body a rush.

Tacy and Brendon McCoy

Nice day today.  Went to Jim's Hair Salon on Mission and had my hair colored and cut.  Went next door and had the best pedicure I've ever had.  I am so ticklish, it is so painful - but Steve did a great job and I was really relaxed and enjoyed it today.  Went to Health Unlimited and bought Virgin Coconut Oil, Rosewater, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil.  Picked up a DMV handbook and an emery board and 4 fleet enemas to practice with.  Had the flautas at the new Taqueria downstairs in the Food Court at Southland.  Went online and ordered 3 small glass jars and another 16 oz water tumbler.   Pretty fun day.

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mttrailboss said...

I did all of the above on your list. Gee.., I am really tired. Great website or blog. Have a great day and July 4th..