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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Your heart knows what's best for you. Follow it.

Your heart knows what's best for you. Follow it.

This morning I am going to the Dr. Wick's office for my teeth cleaning.  I love going here.  They give me "Happy Gas" and a radio headset with music and I take a nice happy little "trip".  Hee Hee  Very Happy.  Well, looks like I am now back on the four-month cleaning schedule.  The six-month schedule is not working.  I know that Uncle Joe and dad have the same problem - just too much tartar build-up.  Must be a genetic thing.  Well, looking on the bright side - I get the "Happy Gas" three times a year rather than two!  Been trying to think of a Title to start my blog on WordPress.  I am currently considering "BlueheavenLiving".  Honestly, thinking of a title is ten thousand times harder than just writing a blog.  I want something short and simple, but nothing really has come to me so far.  Blueheaven was my first username when I first started using a computer (actually WebTV) years ago, and somehow that just stays with me.  It seems silly, but I just cannot think of anything else that has resonated with me.  I sort of want a title that can follow for Forever.  Obviously, my current blogger title "AroundHayward" was just meant for now - although it is certainly lasting a lot longer than I ever anticipated.  But, I have read that these blogger posts can be deleted by Google at any time.  I have put Ancestry info in here and pictures that I was hoping to keep.  So, really would like to switch to Wordpress. 

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