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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Take a break. You owe it to yourself!

Take a break. You owe it to yourself!

Dad and I are going to the movies this morning and seeing "Flight" with Denzel Washington.  This afternoon the Oakland Raiders are playing.  Go Raiders!  I've been enjoying my Millet Hull Pillow.  It's actually kind of huge and heavy, but I really love sleeping on it.  Lots of amazing support in a very comforting way.  Not very portable though.  But, it is one amazing pillow.  Need to try and figure out how to use my Millet Hull Body Pillow on the bed.  Patience.  It takes patience.  You would think I would be full of patience with my easy lifestyle and yet...........  hehe  Patience.  I am constantly teetering on extreme enjoyment of this simple lifestyle and total impatience of my non lifestyle.  Maybe that's just how life is.  Appreciating what I have now - and that is a LOT - and impatient to go off and actually do Something.  Primarily, I am Loving being Healthy.  That is something I need to constantly work on to continue being healthy.  This extra weight is a time bomb and I need to start taking it seriously and get to a healthy weight.  Look - Chocolate!  hahahahahahahahahahaaaa

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