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Thursday, November 22, 2012

You are a special person.

You are a special person.


Did I mention that they moved out the coach across the street Tuesday.  Also, yesterday, Yumi, Auntie Isabel's hairdresser, who has changed locations and is working three days a week in Castro Valley, said that they Do Take Visa at the new location.  She is a bit expensive, but I really liked the way she did my hair that one time, and I am Really Unhappy with how my hair is right now.  So, in a few weeks I will make an appointment and go over to the new location and have Yumi do my hair. 

Today, dad and I,  are having Thanksgiving Dinner with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel and Tommy.  What they do not know is that Bill, Carol, Carol's dad Jim, Doris, Corky, Ellen, and I think a couple more people, have invited Themselves to join us.  We haven't mentioned it because it turns into a problem.  We're hoping to keep it simple.  I'm just going to make sure that the five of us get seated together and since we tend to always hang out at restaurants and talk for a good two hours, I'm hoping everyone else eats and goes.  Cross fingers this stays simple.

Everything turned out perfectly.  Though about 11:00am dads back went completely OUT.  Then we gave him a Norco pain pill and FIVE straight shots of Canadian Club Whiskey in 30 minutes.  WOW!  Did he feel Better!  You should see cousin Tommy.  He has lost 37 pounds.  Here I talk about it constantly and his doctor said "Eat smaller portions" - AND HE DID!  hahaha  I am so proud of him.  He looks so much Healthier!

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