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Monday, November 12, 2012

Draw people in with a smile!

Guys are still prepping six coaches in park to be removed, including the one across the street from us.  Texas Road House had free lunch today between
11-2pm.  Dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  We chatted with a family outside while waiting for our table.  Jim, son Patrick, and Ann.  They finally called our name - and at the same time this family of three had requested a table for seven and insisted we sit with them.  I don't think dad or Auntie Isabel were too happy.  Ann sat across from me was quite the talker.  She insisted on exchanging numbers at the end of the lunch.  Somehow, I think the family blames me, but I was innocent.  It all happened too quickly.  Nice family, but dad was stuck on the end and couldn't move or use his arm or cut his meat and he just got so miserable.  (Glad I wasn't sitting next to him, lol).  Hey, but the food was Delicious!  I kind of had a good time because this gal was pretty nice to me.  It was nice to be around happy people.  But, it does get a little bit tiring.  So it was great and semi-great, kinda.  Not easy to keep everybody happy.  It was great for me to have some real conversation.  That is pretty rare in my life these days.  I pretty much hear the same three sentences repeated over and over again.  Oh, and I jumped on my Rebounder for a good half hour this morning.  I really do like this rebounder.  Need to buy some more persimmons and learn how to ripen them.  And pomengranates.  Lots to learn.  Lots of Fun!

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