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Saturday, November 3, 2012

A dream is the best destination there is!

Beautiful sunny day.  Ran around all day.  Went to PetSmart and the Bayfair Farmers Market.  Bought persimmons and pomegranates for the first time.  The samples were delicious.  Had lunch at Panda Express at Bayfair.  Played Words with Friends.  Poor Luigi threw up this morning and has been a little under the weather all day.  Won't eat and still smells like throw-up.  I keep spraying his mouth with some doggy Mint Mouthwash.  Not really helping.  Hope he feels better tomorrow.  Pretty excited.  I think my rebounder should be arriving from UPS.  It is 6:30pm and they usually come around 7:30pm.  Hope they don't make me wait until Monday.  lol  Did receive my new 5-hour Kathy Griffin DVD today.  Can't wait to watch it.  Bummer.  9:00pm No UPS.  No rebounder today.  Patience!  I just Googled UPS.  They primarily deliver only Monday through Friday.  Should have looked that up about 24 hours ago.  lol  Well, the anticpation was lots of fun.  Really.  So Monday it is.  Yea!

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