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Friday, November 30, 2012

You are a beautiful person.

Ray Magorno
Picture of dad Wednesday out to his monthly lunch with his exercise class at the Hometown Buffet at Southland.  Always has that beautiful smile.  Auntie Isabel was supposed to have eye surgery and have her cornea scraped, but after an hour and a half, and a room full of other patients waiting for eye surgeries, everyone was sent home because the sterilizing machine had broken.  Dad and I went to Castro Valley and visited with Rose Lopes and Joan Benson at the senior home.  Poor Rose fell again and fractured her left arm in two places.  Getting old is making me very nervous.  Rose is in her early 90's.  I took a five hour nap!  Feeling a little out of sorts.  Sometimes a change in weather that does to me.  I'm definitely a Sunshine Girl!

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