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Monday, November 5, 2012

Your good qualities are undeniable and un-countable!

After a nice Long nap last night, I have been Wide Awake since 10:00pm - it is now 2:00am - and I have been so productive and having such a good time.   Dad and I had a nice lunch today in Castro Valley at Normans Restaurant with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Lots of sunshine.   I'm concerned about Luigi.  When we got home, he had pooped twice and peed on our rugs.  Not good.  He still is not really eating.  He to be acting a little bit better, but obviously, not really himself.  Should I take him to the veterinarian?  Just not sure.  Today my rebounder arrived.  Bill Mack helped me put it together.  I played on it for a half an hour.  It's kinda big.  No really good place to put it.  We'll have to figure this out.  Jeff came over.  Tomorrow he is going to lower the bar in dad's bathroom where dad hangs all of his sweatshirts.  Besides having already shrunk 8" - down from 5'11" to 5'3" - he just cannot raise his arms.  So tomorrow, Jeff is going to lower the bar about one foot.  Also, tomorrow is election day.  Need to go vote!

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