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Saturday, October 6, 2012

There's no better investment than yourself!

Happy 90th Birthday Uncle Joe!

Happy 6th Birthday Luigi! 
What a busy day yesterday.  Lots of running around.  Went to the Health Food Store and  bought Kava Kava to calm down.  Talked to Auntie Isabel.  Told her we are going to start sitting at tables, rather than booths, so that I can sit across from - not next to dad.  Hopefully, he won't be able to whisper negatives into my ear the whole meal.  Fingers crossed this will be our simple solution.  Went online tonight and ordered a Rebounder from Walmart.  Will put it in the backyard so that I can use it each day.  Also, ordered a Millet Hull combo pillow and body from Brett  Rodgers at Vitalitymassage.net.  Sounds cool, huh.  Been playing a lot of Words with Friends.

This afternoon dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel and Tommy at Don Jose's Restaurant in Castro Valley to celebrate Uncle Joe's 90th Birthday!  Took pictures and posted on Facebook and here on my blog. 

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