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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grow a brand-new future. Plant a dream!

Bill Mack is golfing today instead of Tuesday this week, so neither he nor dad are going to exercise this morning.  Dad won't go unless Bill goes to exercise.  Since Bob Gulden has died, and Henry Nunes is now too ill to go to exercise any longer, dad won't go.  He doesn't want to be there without the other guys.  Even though there are one or two guys at the class.  He says he doesn't want to go with just the gals, he wants to be with the guys.  I just cannot spend today with him.  I need some space.  His negativity is drowning me.  Hopefully, he will go down to the dining room at the clubhouse and have coffee with the gang today.  We received a flyer that they will be turning off our water for an hour or more today.  I think I am going to go catch a movie and see "Pitch Perfect" and chill.

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