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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take a shortcut to happiness.  Smile!

Last night Bill brought us over two more honeydew melons, tomatoes and the best-scented onions!  We have a huge package of polish hot dogs from Bill and Carol and one last package of grass-fed hamburger.  Dad and I really want to enjoy these onions, so we have decided to enjoy a "little" lol - meat with our onions over the next couple of days.  Onion Feast it is!

We received the BEST phone call at 9:00am this morning.  Dad had an appointment with Dr. Gavrell at 4:45pm this afternoon.  Ugh!  They asked us if we would like to come in this morning.  YES!  We were both up and dressed already.  Literally ten minutes later we were at his office, and being shown into the little room.  Within 20 - 30 minutes of receiving that phone call - we were all finished and walking back to our car.  That freed up our WHOLE day.  So, dad jumped onto his little motorized chair and went to the clubhouse to have coffee with the gang at 10:00am.  And I went and had my hair cut and colored (red) and got a pedicure. 

Came home.  Made delicious hot dogs and used one whole white onion.  Wow!  Hot like horse radish.  WE LOVED IT!  Later about 6:00pm I made us green salads.

Then I took a barefoot walk down Harpoon to the front of the park on Huntwood.  It is a nice warm summer's evening.  Thought about walking across the street to the park, but turned around and came home.  It was still fun.

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